Professional Experience

  • Web Developer for Filament Group
    Boston, MA
    Jun 2012 to Present
  • Front End Architect for Union Pacific Railroad Co.
    Omaha, NE
    Jun 2011 to May 2012
    • While maintaining a technical leadership role on prior projects, also responsible for setting the company's direction for mobile application development.
    • Developed a small mobile reusable component library based on jQuery Mobile to apply to both mobile web and hybrid native applications.
    • Took full ownership of front end development on all company authentication pages, both internal/external and mobile/desktop. Used progressive enhancement to expand device support.
    • Continued to evangelize front end development best practices including cross-browser compatible code, progressive enhancement, automated JavaScript testing, and Responsive Design.
    • Started an HTML5 and Open Web User Group to educate developers on cutting edge web browser features.
  • Reusable Component Library Project Lead for Union Pacific Railroad Co.
    Omaha, NE
    Jul 2008 to May 2011
    • Lead developer and support team for the standard User Interface framework used on all new web projects.
    • Included 62 separate reusable components across 5 simultaneous major code branches and over 50 different released versions.
    • Sole provider of support to a large developer base (~1500 employees and contractors in IT) which yielded an average of over 400 support tickets per year.
    • Reduced total yearly defect support tickets by 43% from 2008 to 2010.
    • Migrated existing code base to comply with new i18n requirements without incurring a runtime performance penalty.
    • Adapted to marketing department's company wide brand refresh, centrally and easily applied to all applications.
    • Improved performance by reducing component initialization times between major versions by 5.2X in IE7 with the addition of server-side Wicket integration.
    • Prevented an Adobe Flexpocalypse by opposing adoption of Adobe Flex as the primary UI development tool using the merits of the Open Web.
    • Put into practice an automated test suite using JsTestDriver.
  • Front End Engineer for Union Pacific Railroad Co.
    Omaha, NE
    Jun 2006 to Jul 2008
    • User Interface development for three internal projects, one of which received approximately 15 million hits per month.
    • Developed Apache Ant build process for automated deployment including CSS and JS minimization.
    • Utilized a full front end testing suite, including a DSL for generating Selenium tests, JSUnit tests, JSLint, and client-side logging using log4javascript.

Honors and Activities


  • Lincoln, NE
    Aug 2001 to May 2006
    Bachelor of Science, with a Major in Computer Engineering and Minor in Mathematics
    Related Course Work: Semantic Web, Computer Architecture, Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Systems, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Security, GUI and Unix Programming, Operating Systems and Kernels
  • Engineering Study Abroad Program
    Fortaleza, CE, Brazil
    May 2005
    Studies in Brazilian Culture and the Portuguese Language

Tools and Languages

  • JavaScript
  • node.js
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Git
  • Subversion
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • XSLT
  • Apache Ant
  • Java
  • Cursory knowledge of: Adobe Illustrator, Ruby, Erlang, Common LISP, MIPS Assembly