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      1. Sometimes I’ll spin up a framework and try out the hello world to see what the (production) output looks like from a bare-bones starter. I think it’s worth documenting these. This morning I tried @remix_run (v1.5.1) Baseline JS (67.7 kB) is similar to @nextjs (72.2 kB)
        Welcome to Remix: 15m Quickstart Blog Tutorial, Deep Dive Jokes App Tutorial, Remix Docs. Devtools Network Tab (Cache disabled, Fast 3G throttled): 8 requests, 67.7 kB transferred, 198 kB resources, Finish 2.12s, DOMContentLoaded 1.53s, Load 1.53s
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      Citing my source for that Next.js JS weight (and perhaps the first tweet in this series): @zachleat/1468419834501337088
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    It looks like @meetmeetdave is creating a GitHub org for these hello world samples! Love to see it, should make auditing this stuff easier 🏆 @meetmeetdave/1534932254035787776