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  1. 🔘 GitHub Starter 🔘 GitHub Home Basic 🔘 GitHub Home Premium 🔘 GitHub Professional 🔘 GitHub Enterprise 🔘 GitHub Ultimate
  2. as a programmer and as a parent, I’m always cleaning up shit created by a younger version of myself
  3. More fundamentals! Less frameworks! Skills with long shelf lives (unordered): * HTML * CSS * JavaScript * Progressive Enhancement * Accessibility * Typography * Usability * Design * Clean Code and writing Testable Code Lots of gold here: sizovs.net/2018/12/17/stop-learning-frameworks/ via nicknisi
  4. please enter a password that has 8 characters or less
  5. when the font-size is too small but they used maximum-scale=1
  6. proposal: make “framework” a standard unit of time “I’ve been working at this job for 4.6 frameworks”
  7. as part of her job at a zoo my wife breeds bugs and releases them into the wild I never realized how similar our jobs were before now
  8. Elaine, an 81 year old woman doing open source etiquette right. She didn’t send an e-mail—she filed an issue: github.com/zachleat/Raging-Netflix-Queue/issues/13
  9. 1. 👏 Hire someone that’s good at HTML and CSS to build components independent of JS frameworks 👏 2. Plug components into a JS framework and layer on behavior later 3. Pay HTML/CSS devs what they deserve for giving part of your codebase longer shelf life than unpasteurized milk housecor/982244076702515202
  10. Facebook ships an iOS app every 2 weeks—latest: 146MB m.facebook.com is 776KB, 40KB primed App download == 266 website visits/day
  11. Turns out Google does a two-pass indexing and the first pass doesn’t run JavaScript. That’s kind of a big deal. Paul_Kinlan/1039852756113080320
  12. Progressive Enhancement, in a diagram. via kberryman/875375600114036737
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  13. loading six web fonts for a single typeface and waiting for browsers to add variable fonts support
  14. Which has a better First Meaningful Paint time? ① a raw 8.5MB HTML file with the full text of every single one of my 27,506 tweets ② a client rendered React site with exactly one tweet on it (Spoiler: ____lighthouse reports 8.5MB of HTML wins by about 200ms)
  15. Firebug was a watershed moment in web development history. ❤️ Imagine a world without any devtools—that’s what it was like pre-Firebug. Real_CSS_Tricks/923562958352924672
  16. that code you wrote the one that took you awhile to figure out but you kept trying that code is good be proud of yourself you did a good job
  17. Did you know: font-variant: small-caps will fake a small cap using the uppercase letter but font-feature-settings: 'smcp' on will only use small caps if they exist in the font file?
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  18. A few days ago we lost our dog to cancer. This is her on one of her first days with us and then her last day. She was my dog—the bestest dog—and I was her human. I love her and I will miss her until my last day. Do us a kindness and give your dogs some extra love today from us.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  19. For almost two years we have been trying to grow our family through adoption and this week we had our first introduction to our son. Y’all. What an incredible feeling—my heart could burst. So much love for this little guy ♥️♥️♥️