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  1. The nejsconf prices jump up today! Get your tickets now—save $30! Look at this line-up: 🌊 AdrienneTacke 🌊 ashbzak 🌊 FredKSchott 🌊 malchata 🌊 nodebotanist 🌊 CodeFoodPixels 🌊 philhawksworth 🌊 asciidisco 🌊 TatianaTMac 🌊 trentmwillis 2019.nejsconf.com/

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  1. “If your site is the only one that allows this hate and harassment, it will get overrun and collapse” As other networks wisen up and learn that harassment is bad for business, jack’s Twitter is only going to get worse. ekp/1026989172362375168