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  1. …in reply to @triblondon
    triblondon former AMP dev? 😅
  2. …in reply to @jaffathecake
    jaffathecake DasSurma dollar in the amp url jar jake
  3. …in reply to @RWD
    RWD typetura css eleven_ty ScottKellum & did it first and better imo
  4. I want to see these graphs but for AMP and React. briankardell/1194314471491035136
  5. On his blog, AMP Advisory Committee member edent has posted a scathing review of AMPhtml and his recommendations moving forward: shkspr.mobi/blog/2019/05/a-report-from-the-amp-advisory-committee-meeting/
  6. …in reply to @rem
    rem 🗑🔥🚀🌕👏 without an amp care-o-sell in the world
  7. …in reply to @davatron5000
    davatron5000 AMP is a Trojan horse.
  8. …in reply to @zachleat
    oh god I've shared an amp url
  9. Reply to this thread with your AMP performance comparisons and I'll retweet/share a bunch of them 👍🏻 zachleat/1068867361472696321
  10. …in reply to @kylemathews
    kylemathews joeyquarters DaryBarrio I think it's an important performance story that isn't really told, though. AMP is faster from the carousel but slower when visited directly. I see AMP urls shared on social media regularly: twitter.com/search?q=google.com%2Famp%2F&s=09
  11. A race against AMP: this site does a full two seconds better for first meaningful paint compared to AMP hosted on Google. Nice work DaryBarrio! DaryBarrio/1067817156178513921
  12. …in reply to @WebInspectInc
    @TJacobDesign Sure, but the same argument is used against consumer recycling too. Mostly I’d love to profile the energy usage of my sites and try to make them more efficient if possible—great for energy-constrained mobile devices Not sure how AMP is related?
  13. Google Wants To Kill The URL, writes lilyhnewman for WIRED Read the article at google​.com/amp/s/www.​wired​.com/story/google-wants-to-kill-the-url/
  14. …in reply to @grigs
    grigs *Especially* given the damage that's been done to URLs from AMP. Seems like they're working to repair that, but it definitely doesn't pair well. 😐
  15. …in reply to @davatron5000
    davatron5000 is this an amp tweet
  16. “To put a finer point on it, nothing about AMP is changing today, in the short-term, nor in the medium-term.” beep is on-point with another solid AMP roundup ethanmarcotte.com/wrote/campaign/
  17. …in reply to @angustweets
    angustweets is this a promotional tweet for amp for email (also, same)
  18. …in reply to @ChrisLove
    ChrisLove AMP can exist in a positive way AND we can do the thing you said 👍
  19. …in reply to @cramforce
    cramforce AMPhtml Thanks for your reply! That’s good news—what might that look like, practically speaking? I do feel strongly that an official roadmap that lives on an AMP maintained web property would be great for communicating what’s happening and what’s being addressed 👍
  20. …in reply to @zachleat
    AMPhtml I still have mixed feelings about this. Happy to see money flowing to support open source sustainability. Hopefully, it doesn’t stifle healthy discussion from developers on these projects about the problems with Google’s AMP project.
  21. …in reply to @beep
    beep I guess t.co does amp urls now 😫 apropos to the gif, I guess
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  22. …in reply to @zachleat
    also cc DuckDuckGo maybe y’all shouldn’t show the first answer on stackoverflow that has 0 upvotes you’re giving it the fake news amp treatment
  23. …in reply to @AMPhtml
    AMPhtml AaronGustafson DasSurma what is causing FOUC? amp styles seem to be inlined on the page here
  24. …in reply to @AMPhtml
    AMPhtml AaronGustafson DasSurma Well, what are your reqs? Other reasons to make whole page invisible instead of FOIT? Do you optimize pages w/o amp-font too?
  25. …in reply to @zachleat
    AMPhtml AaronGustafson DasSurma for example, this demo on the amp documentation: ampbyexample.com/samples_templates/live_blog/preview/ could’ve rendered at 468ms albeit with foit, no?
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  26. hmu when ⚡️ amp offers google plus integration