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  1. …in reply to @sielay
    sielay Ah—I disagree. People are harmed because of the politics of tech—highlighted by the unethical behavior of Facebook.
  2. Facebook employee fired for a Tweet 😮 aweary/1271522288752455680
  3. …in reply to @ylecun
    ylecun valleyhack How does this align with Facebook’s defense of the president’s posts to incite violence?
  4. Facebook employee says they’re “struggling” on whether to stay at Facebook
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  5. Old enough to remember the jQuery Credit Card being universally panned by the community when it was introduced because it was a bad look to be associated with predatory credit card companies. Seems so tame now compared to the React ⊂ Facebook relationship.
  6. have facebook employees been asleep the entirety of last four years? is this some kind of rip van winklevoss scenario?
  7. Reminded of this story from 2018 (and so many others) when I read Facebook employee tweets weaponizing their crocodile tears today. The ship sailed on Facebook so long ago that Magellan’s boat is back in the harbor, about to depart on another circumnavigation of the globe. zachleat/1063967436830109696
  8. I guess HTML wasn't the root cause problem with the Facebook app sarah_cone/1264003438368751617
  9. Don’t trust Facebook. emilylmullin/1211409460478038016
  10. …in reply to @AndreJaenisch
    AndreJaenisch Facebook is a bad actor from the top down, so I’m not sure what you mean
  11. ok boomer is an anagram of facebook note: this post has been vetted by facebook fact checkers as “not inaccurate”
  12. Hell yeah. I don’t praise Twitter’s jack very often but well done here. Facebook, your move. jack/1189634360472829952
  13. Creating my own personal take on topic-based Tweet collections/saved searches: For example, this would make an easy quick-reply to a Facebook recruiter: zachleat.com/twitter/topic/facebook/ More: zachleat.com/twitter/#collections
  14. …in reply to @robweychert
    robweychert got a hearty-sad chuckle at the thought that people still think “what Facebook stands for” is positive in any way
  15. …in reply to @zachleat
    anyway Facebook is weaponized Citizen's United for microtargeted propaganda send tweet
  16. The greatest trick Facebook ever pulled was convincing y'all that it has not already embraced a political ideology. mosseri/1188171203703271424
  17. For the third time in my thirteen year Twitter existance, I will post a link to TechCrunch (this article is *good*): “Meet users where they are, but pull them back to where you live.” techcrunch.com/2019/10/24/facebooks-news-not-yours/ on the inevitable future calamity that will be Facebook News.
  18. …in reply to @jkup
    jkup if jamison works for facebook I'd consider that a fix
  19. “In 2018, we will see the first major brand shut down its website. The brand will shift how it connects with consumers—to conversations, with a combination of bots and humans, through a messaging front end like SMS or Facebook.” Any update on this—did it happen RobLoCascio? RobLoCascio/963547098514903042
  20. …in reply to @zachleat
    The argument here is that React can’t be held responsible for its community, as the React community is vast. React née Facebook should not escape scrutiny this easily for its community or societal problems of scale. They made their California King bed, now they must lie in it.
  21. …in reply to @zachleat
    The length of the React-specific Code of Conduct document is embarrassing. A community of React’s size should have their own Code of Conduct and not punt to Facebook. The “full text” that is linked does not mention React at all. engineering.fb.com/codeofconduct/
  22. what if 100,000 people took facebook to small claims court
  23. …in reply to @derSchepp
    derSchepp facebook I would like to learn more about this 🧐
  24. Hard to read this 1996 interview knowing how Facebook, the largest social network on the web, see themselves today—not as referees or experts—but as robotic and emotionless conduits for propaganda and misinformation. 20thcenturymarc/1133395241837506561
  25. Wow, this is an incredible list of 25 different Facebook scandals: theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/may/08/mark-zuckerberg-has-to-go
  26. reading facebook’s new privacy policy
  27. …in reply to @HenriHelvetica
    HenriHelvetica (for the record I deleted my facebook account over two years ago)
  28. *logging on to facebook first thing in the morning*
  29. …in reply to @Daniel15
    Daniel15 andybelldesign eleven_ty It's hard to believe that Facebook employees could be so smug to show up in this thread with pedantry about Andy’s site. A little tone deaf considering the real, serious, measurable damage Facebook has done to the world. Open source is not a pardon for ethics bankruptcy.
  30. facebook em, danno
  31. Note that Facebook cares very much about protecting their own data but in practice does not care one iota about protecting your data. propublica/1090226556809678849
  32. just imagine how much more positive thanksgiving would be if facebook didn’t come back facebook/1064905103755247621
  33. “What surprises me is that Facebook employees are still at their desks after finding that their company was actively attempting to discredit activists. […] They haven’t organized. They haven’t made a stand. And they won’t.” medium.com/@monteiro/when-to-put-down-the-tools-e9de4520709f
  34. “Facebook’s tactic is to say, ‘Oh, we were blindsided,’ when in fact people had been warning them — pleading, begging — for years. […] The public record here is that they are a combination of unable and unwilling to grasp and deal with this complexity.” washingtonpost.com/business/economy/russian-disinformation-on-facebook-targeted-ukraine-well-before-the-2016-us-election/2018/10/28/cc38079a-d8aa-11e8-a10f-b51546b10756_story.html
  35. …in reply to @Jim_Phillips1
    Jim_Phillips1 RebeccaStavick Facebook is terrible.
  36. …in reply to @seldo
    seldo Top Left: The golden years of Pre-Facebook life Top Right: 2004 Facebook Bottom Right: 2008 Facebook gets popular Bottom Left: Facebook Filter bubbles become so small they contain only individuals
  37. …in reply to @zachleat
    are you still on facebook? why beep/1031900264012369920
  38. …in reply to @DanielRufde
    DanielRufde heydonworks npmjs Hm? I didn’t say nor do I think that facebook contributing to open source is bad (?), my point was that I’m glad facebook doesn’t control the JavaScript package infrastructure.
  39. …in reply to @DanielRufde
    DanielRufde heydonworks npmjs I didn’t say yarn was *only* facebook (why are you debating this point?) but the top 6 contributors are all current facebook employees.
  40. …in reply to @zachleat
    yes I got another facebook recruiter email this week why do you ask zachleat/983788192687116288
  41. …in reply to @heydonworks
    heydonworks maybekatz npmjs Hmm, well I don’t like the meme but I do wonder how many people aren’t aware of the yarn Facebook connection
  42. Can you imagine if npm didn't exist and yarn/Facebook took over this critical piece of JavaScript infrastructure? What a scary thought. I’m thankful that npmjs exists and continues to provide good stewardship of the JS ecosystem ♥️
  43. …in reply to @zachleat
    yarn remove facebook facebook/1017530220520194048
  44. …in reply to @zachleat
  45. …in reply to @davatron5000
    davatron5000 Jesus can see through all your Facebook privacy controls, Dave
  46. …in reply to @malchata
    malchata It is interesting how much of the front end world Facebook has enveloped! Been in the game long enough to know that this too shall pass.
  47. …in reply to @micahmills
    micahmills HenriHelvetica slightlylate Facebook created the map, I’m assuming using some form of data 😎 theverge.com/a/mark-zuckerberg-future-of-facebook
  48. …in reply to @tkadlec
    tkadlec that is a good and very important question tim I can tell you that it’s something that facebook really feels is very important and we are working very hard on
  49. Me: Facebook has way too much information about me Also Me: I’m not sure how to explain to this Facebook recruiter that I have said publicly many times that I would prefer their service not exist
  50. …in reply to @zachleat
    “Without Facebook we wouldn’t have won. I mean Facebook really and truly put us over the edge.” yarn remove facebook bbcstories/897518270349058049
  51. …in reply to @amytych
    amytych senthil_hi rajaramu @ebaytechblog Good question! You can use either. Because it’s a weak link to cache, I think it’s better to tend towards the more ephemeral sessionStorage. I’d also recommend reading the last section of code.facebook.com/posts/964122680272229/web-performance-cache-efficiency-exercise/ where Facebook concludes that “caches don't last long.”
  52. …in reply to @zachleat
    sudo yarn remove facebook dylanmckaynz/976368845635035138
  53. …in reply to @zachleat
    yarn remove facebook peterjukes/684166188574834688
  54. …in reply to @zachleat
    yarn remove facebook mtfarnsworth/976626626346803200
  55. …in reply to @zachleat
  56. …in reply to @zachleat
    yarn remove facebook parscale/967516077956755457
  57. yarn remove facebook snmrrw/967136708058927104
  58. Never before has there been a more accurate description of Facebook. DragonflyJonez/945109833992359936
  59. wow this picture of mark zuckerberg sure was prescient, vis-à-vis facebook’s contributions to democracy
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  60. …in reply to @angustweets
    angustweets I still had my phone, yeah. The only change there was that I deleted Twitter. I don’t use Facebook. I sent 0 emails. I maybe opened Slack once?
  61. can facebook take away the license to be racist on facebook
  62. DJ Facebook is a huge contributor to the furthering extremism of people living in modern society ThatEricAlper/880831837123338248
  63. …in reply to @shikkaba
    shikkaba Real_CSS_Tricks Read the “Facebook’s San Francisco Trick” section, it should explain it!
  64. facebook, I see what you’re doing and I find it to be very interesting
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  65. Facebook: Oh no, our rulebook for moderating abusive content was leaked. Twitter: Wait, are we supposed to be moderating abusive content?
  66. …in reply to @ravinglogic
    ravinglogic facebook CoxComm have you tried the facebook website 😎
  67. …in reply to @danleatherman
    danleatherman is this a facebook knitting group
  68. …in reply to @jjcollinsworth
    jjcollinsworth colorful_n0mi anti-facebook hi-⁵
  69. Genuinely curious dan_abramov: does Facebook use React on m.facebook.com? dan_abramov/842329893044146176
  70. …in reply to @brad_frost
    brad_frost de-activated my Facebook account yesterday, gonna see how that feels for a while.
  71. …in reply to @zachleat
    make sure you like it on facebook tho
  72. 1. Facebook web site, iOS Chrome 😐 2. Click play button on video 😒 3. New Chrome tab 😟 4. Instagram app ☹️ 5. New Safari tab 🙄 The future.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  73. …in reply to @zachleat
    Facebook wasn’t the spark, but it added some of the gasoline.
  74. …in reply to @necolas
    It’s “crazy” that “fake news on Facebook […] influenced the election in any way.”—Mark Zuckerberg mobile.nytimes.com/2016/11/15/opinion/mark-zuckerberg-is-in-denial.html via necolas
  75. Facebook ships an iOS app every 2 weeks—latest: 146MB m.facebook.com is 776KB, 40KB primed App download == 266 website visits/day
  76. I get real sad when websites shut down but I legitimately felt worse when facebook told me that I’d been a user for 11 years
  77. …in reply to @kylesethgray
    kylesethgray huh. I don’t see Facebook in my Microphone security settings on iOS.
  78. …in reply to @johnhenrymuller
    johnhenrymuller are you in narnia right now facebookdesign facebook
  79. “Don’t worry, it’s cached for repeat views.” 44.6% of Facebook users visit with an empty cache. code.facebook.com/posts/964122680272229/web-performance-cache-efficiency-exercise/ via smashingmag
  80. State of Share Buttons 2015: Facebook, Twitter, G+ combined add 366KB, almost 20% larger than at SocialCount release. webpagetest.org/result/150129_SR_Z3F/
  81. tasty NillaWafers js like us on facebook
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  82. …in reply to @splitinfinities
    @Bill_Riley Facebook for Twitter
  83. Too often we trivialize cache-miss visit perf. On a single device, the same URL in Safari or Twitter or Facebook are all are cache misses!
  84. Hey sprint how much for the plan that includes everything but Facebook and Twitter?
  85. Facebook’s fixed width limits their ability to redesign: medium.com/p/ed75a0ee7641 Time to go responsive!
  86. …in reply to @scunliffe
    scunliffe I wouldn’t want to make blanket statements linking poor performance with specific technologies, that’s Facebook’s job. :)
  87. …in reply to @tysonj
    tysonj More apt comparison when you add facebook to the home screen. Launched with new content in < 5s for me.
  88. The Facebook iOS app takes ~11 seconds to cold-start and show new content on WiFi but it’s the web that’s too slow.
  89. SocialCount 0.1.6 is available: adds Pinterest, fixes for A-Grade IE10, Facebook locale issue. github.com/filamentgroup/SocialCount
  90. Ghostery will solve the dreaded Facebook Connect Redirect ghostery.com/ (or you can just log out of Facebook)
  91. Local URL checking and more accurate Facebook counts on SocialCount. Nice work ddrager! github.com/filamentgroup/SocialCount/pull/19
  92. If using a ShareThis for share counts, they only measure activity on ShareThis—not activity in Facebook/Twitter. support.sharethis.com/customer/portal/articles/517333-analytics-faqs#counts
  93. …in reply to @yaypie
    yaypie Does Facebook have another purpose??
  94. "You could be sitting ... in Omaha, NE right now building the next Facebook" —alexisohanian on Web Meritocracy youtube.com/watch?v=FY2q64Xhnyg
  95. …in reply to @danleatherman
    danleatherman Damn! It would seem that I inadvertently violated my 30 days no Facebook rule.
  96. shakefon Thanks for that. Likely a problem with Facebook's API and not a more generic security issue with the web browser.
  97. Wow, I just had a spam site post a comment to my Facebook. Wasn't clickjacking, I didn't click anywhere. I wonder what the loophole is.
  98. Read the announcement guys, it's only about the Chat feature of Facebook dropping support for IE6. http://j.mp/ajhqA8
  99. Go to a "Social" site and compare the counters on Digg/Twitter/Facebook widgets. No more evidence is required to say: Digg is dead.
  100. Facebook company pages are the new AOL keywords.
  101. orphum If I removed twitter integration, don't think Facebook would ever get any content from me. Do you post things to Facebook only?
  102. Be the first of your friends to tighten your Facebook privacy settings.
  103. EFF timeline of Facebook privacy policies: http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2010/04/facebook-timeline/ (via dalmaer)
  104. jhofker Great! Multi-tasks better than the Iphone, integration with Google/Facebook contacts is awesome. But needs more apps/sensors :)
  105. Seeing how much more chatter is on Facebook now with the new design says there is a lot to learn from them about "not listening to users."
  106. After seeing the large increase in Status Update replies, I think Facebook might have just launched another unpopular winner.
  107. Getting rid of friendfeed import to facebook as my aggregation source. Going native inside of facebook, the integration is nicer.
  108. Thinks Growl style notifications are WAY overused. Especially when used with Twitter, or Facebook messages that aren't directly to me.
  109. Sometimes the Facebook Mini-Feed makes me question: Do I care enough about this person to have them in my mini-feed every day?
  110. Finds humor in the pattern people display when they resist changes to the Facebook UI. Facebook, class of 2002, don't you go changin'!
  111. Facebook's Java picture upload is nice, but very slow :(
  112. Facebook's UI just keeps improving. Nice work.