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  1. Helpful to me just now: GitHub provides the option to change your default email address for notifications for each organization you belong to. See Custom routing on github.com/settings/notifications#organization_routing (via BPScott)
  2. the best github action would be to cancel their ICE contract githubstatus/1202390808042835968
  3. wow natfriedman you’ve decided to double down on that ICE contract huh BW/1194630950103076864
  4. I love y’all but when life gets busy (as it sometimes does) I cannot handle eleven_ty support requests on Twitter (either via @ or DM)—please file GitHub issues so that the community can help and questions aren’t lost!
  5. if you sponsor me on github, I’ll give you access to all of the tweets that I delete immediately after posting 😅
  6. if I pay github $1 will they donate $2.5 to charity or is this deal only applicable if ICE pays them
  7. I don’t get mad on this social network very often but waking up to the “github 🤝 ICE” letter… wow. natfriedman + co what are y’all DOING!? Hard to imagine a company burning through their community goodwill so quickly. Terrible. Can you imagine writing this paragraph??
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  8. github stars give off light from open source projects that are millions of years old
  9. Did some coworking with TehShrike yesterday and it’s already paying off. Already used node-modules.com/ with good results! It personalizes a node module search to find popular modules by who you follow on GitHub 🏆
  10. GitHub contribution charts might as well measure the total number of lines of code I wrote in a day because both metrics reflect productivity and “contribution” with similar accuracy. (Read: very poorly)
  11. Wow those Progressive Enhancement details GitHub dialogs use an overlay that is part of summary, allowing you to close them when JS isn’t available too. Someone should do a full write-up on this, it’s next level stuff. Very well done muanchiou. via Keithamus/1098979586539433985
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  12. Wow, you can subscribe to github outages and get a text message when it comes back? I love this.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  13. Note №4: Use the Command Line to Navigate Directly to a GitHub Issue zachleat.com/web/notes/go-to-github-issue/ (with contributions from johnbender)
  14. Happy Birthday eleven_ty! 🎉 ▸ 40 versions ▸ 1079 GitHub stars ▸ 257 closed issues ▸ 535 unit tests zachleat.com/web/eleventy-birthday/
  15. Order open GitHub issues by first comment word count, descending.
  16. is it distributed source control or is it more of a github and spoke model am I right, everyone wait, where are you going—I have diagrams
  17. If you use the GitHub + Slack integration, here’s some useful information hidden in the README (not exposed in help): github.com/integrations/slack#configuration Messages for commits are only included for the default branch. If you’re like me, you want commits:all, comments, and branches.
  18. Hey, y’all—unfortunately it’s time again for my monthly plea for GitHub stars. If you’ve gotten value from eleven_ty—I would appreciate a star! github.com/11ty/eleventy/ Inspired by Netlify/1034899501411196928
  19. I know this is a dumb request and I feel dumb making it but I’d really appreciate it if y’all could star eleven_ty on GitHub. github.com/11ty/eleventy/ (Sorry and thank you)
  20. 1. Take a lighthearted jab at the Microsoft GitHub acquisition in a tweet 2. Tweet blows up like crazy 3. Get a bunch of “I’m glad someone said it—Microsoft sucks!” replies 4. Uhh… wait a minute I like a lot of what Microsoft is doing now I’m sorry everyone *backs away slowly*
  21. 🔘 GitHub Starter 🔘 GitHub Home Basic 🔘 GitHub Home Premium 🔘 GitHub Professional 🔘 GitHub Enterprise 🔘 GitHub Ultimate
  22. you opened a github issue but I really just wanted a GD PR
  23. Seems like as good a time as any to remind everyone that what GitHub does should really have no bearing on the browser support decisions you make for your sites. Without knowing their userbase and requirements, there's not enough information to extrapolate more here. michlbrmly/981855020948877312
  24. New filamentgroup utility: imaging-heap github.com/filamentgroup/imaging-heap A command line tool to measure the efficiency of your responsive image markup across viewport sizes and device pixel ratios. Will likely iterate on the legend %’s moving forward! Feedback (GitHub issues) welcome!
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  25. Say hello to Eleventy’s shiny new: * Website: 11ty.io/ * GitHub organization: github.com/11ty
  26. SublimeText users may appreciate BracketHighlighter facelessuser.github.io/BracketHighlighter/ by Isaac Muse (@​ facelessuser on GitHub) ScribblingOn/946036000265986049
  27. On npm: 68,482 downloads in the last month On GitHub: 18 stars Hmm. All the hmm.
  28. Just went 10 days without opening or using a computer. You do you—keep that GitHub streak going for a year. But I need to unplug to recharge.
  29. $1 github buck to open an issue $5 github bucks back when you open a PR wait maybe call them gitcoins
  30. I’m looking for developers with open source code on GitHub that I can comb through to learn new JS things. Any recommendations?
  31. Hey, cool—github added quick guide headers to license files: github.com/filamentgroup/tablesaw/blob/master/LICENSE
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  32. Threw together a multi-color vector icon set of browser logos for a side project: zachleat.github.io/browser-logo-icon-set/usage.html GitHub: github.com/zachleat/browser-logo-icon-set
  33. github streak: ⭐️ coming up on a year of not doing anything on sunday ⭐️ saturday is pretty good too
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  34. Be very wary of loading JS that you don’t own on your production site—especially from a GitHub repo like this. chibicode/766320132213747712
  35. for just $1/month I’ll provide you a 1 star github repo that you can refactor to your own syntax style join the dollar yak shave club today
  36. make sure that github streak resets every weekend 😎
  37. when someone throws shade on a github issue
  38. registering a todparker throwaway github account to commit the hack festival toddmparker and I just paired on to style selects with css
  39. I’m trying to find larger-scale implementations of icon fonts in the wild—other than Twitter and GitHub. Help! also I’m not a cop
  40. Not bothered by the Google Code shutdown? It’s plausible GitHub might do the same, some day.
  41. Just received a GitHub issue filed by an 81 year old woman. I love the Internet.
  42. GitHub stars are a really bad measurement of project popularity. NPM downloads are much better—just wish they had historical graphs.
  43. Awesome to see github supporting Omaha’s development community through OmahaCodeSchool scholarships! omahacodeschool.com/articles/scholarships
  44. I’ve started adding “Waiting on OP to Deliver” tags to new GitHub issues that don’t include test cases.
  45. I wish more social networking widget code was on GitHub. Nice job kentbrew and Pinterest! github.com/pinterest/widgets /via Connor
  46. My GitHub Contributions looked way more badass before I learned how to rebase.
  47. Achievement unlocked: SocialCount is trending on GitHub.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  48. I could fork your project on GitHub, but sometimes the code and I just want to spoon.
  49. Dear github, your #1 business priority must be to purchase a hot tub for employees and call it the GitTub.
  50. Thanks to mathias bit.ly/oE6snH , I pointed http://git.io/jqm to the jquerymobile GitHub page.
  51. Stack Overflow is great, except when it tries to be GitHub. Then it's bad. goo.gl/5fDss
  52. This is kind of fun: Coderwall adds achievements to GitHub. http://coderwall.com/zachleat
  53. Sweet, just had my first pull request accepted on GitHub. Thanks danheberden! https://github.com/danheberden/Quewery/pull/7
  54. Finally added a comprehensive README file to BigText on GitHub. Incudes a bunch of examples. https://github.com/zachleat/BigText
  55. GitHub Pull Requests: a lot easier than I thought they'd be.
  56. Update to BigText: add the "bigtext-exempt" class to any line to skip font sizing. Available on GitHub: https://github.com/zachleat/BigText
  57. Added the source code for my Google Chrome extension Raging Netflix Queue to Github: http://bit.ly/e6Zvi5 Feel free to add more sites to it!
  58. Pushed a new version of BigText to Github that supports <ol> and <ul> elements. /cc fatbuoy1
  59. Got some extra Github stickers at my desk if anyone wants one.
  60. Using Github Gists (document.write code snippets) on your blog ruins your RSS feed.
  61. My first Github fork from awirick! Already merged his changes to the master. Github wins again!
  62. Your Github account says more about you than your Stack Overflow reputation ever will.
  63. If you want to get started trying git, the easiest thing to do is sign up with Github and create a public repo through their website.
  64. Adding my old plugins to Github, since people were using them there anyway. http://github.com/zachleat
  65. Wow, over 4 pages of github scripts using code from zachleat.com http://bit.ly/dqmDLj
  66. Playing with Git and Github again, inevitably.