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  1. Just published a new major version of zachleat 💅🏻 Install with npm install zachleat 🏃🏻‍♂️ Run with npx zachleat npmjs.com/package/zachleat
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  2. let us celebrate the union of npm with github wait I’ve used the wrong word there
  3. are you allowed to be married and work at npm or is it just that one kind of union they don't like
  4. What are some alternatives to the npm registry? Where can I also publish my packages if I wanted to start slowly moving off of npm?
  5. instant.page by Dieulot is unbelievably clever: instant.page/ npm install instant.page npmjs.com/package/instant.page Need to play with it more but if it makes classically architected page navigations feel as fast as heavy front-loaded SPA ones, 😍
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  6. just pushed v36 of me npm install zachleat@36.0.0 npmjs.com/package/zachleat
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  7. npm supposedly has everything but I couldn’t find any javascripts to replace all external svg requests with ▢ if they haven’t loaded in 3 seconds icon font nostalgia
  8. Can you imagine if npm didn't exist and yarn/Facebook took over this critical piece of JavaScript infrastructure? What a scary thought. I’m thankful that npmjs exists and continues to provide good stewardship of the JS ecosystem ♥️
  9. “Unfortunately, none of these workflow-breaking issues were fixed during the 13 months we used Yarn.” One company’s journey migrating to yarn and then back to npm. mixmax.com/blog/to-yarn-and-back-again-npm
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  10. rotten tomatoes but for packages on npm
  11. On npm: 68,482 downloads in the last month On GitHub: 18 stars Hmm. All the hmm.
  12. mrw I see a bunch of warnings and errors disappear into the scrollback during an npm install but the command keeps on running
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  13. Love how these icons from colebemis are distributed—npm install / ZIP of SVG files—so hackable! feathericons.com/ via tjholowaychuk
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  14. Idea: an option to charge for npm packages like on the iOS app store. npm takes a cut and the rest goes to developers.
  15. an npm package that runs npm deprecate <pkg> "it was my fault" on itself six months after publish it’s self deprecating
  16. *rolls down window* y’all need anything npm installed *puts the miata in gear and does a burnout*
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  17. npm install would be so great if I was paid by the hour
  18. Now here’s a cool idea from kylemathews: expose googlefonts on NPM for self hosting! bricolage.io/typefaces-easiest-way-to-self-host-fonts/
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  19. “Millions are using unsupported browsers and can’t access our site” “…meh” “NPM broke our build for an hour” *rewrites entire app*
  20. npm unpublish bower
  21. woff2-feature-test 1.0.2 includes fixes for Firefox and IE8 github.com/filamentgroup/woff2-feature-test or npm install woff2-feature-test
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  22. More filamentgroup open source updates! SocialCount 0.1.9, page-weight friendly social widgets (now on NPM): github.com/filamentgroup/SocialCount/releases/tag/v0.1.9
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  23. Should npm packages be case insensitive? Case in point: npmjs.com/package/jQuery vs npmjs.com/package/jquery
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  24. GitHub stars are a really bad measurement of project popularity. NPM downloads are much better—just wish they had historical graphs.
  25. tablesaw is now officially on npm: npmjs.org/package/tablesaw
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