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  1. …in reply to @CarrieAnneCoder
    CarrieAnneCoder graynorton Sure, yeah—the point I am trying to make (regardless of how we define framework) is that I wouldn’t put web components up against or in the same class of thing as Vue or React
  2. …in reply to @MatthewDeaners
    MatthewDeaners Well, that has not been my experience! Though if you’re trying to use them as a Vue or React replacement I’m not surprised to hear it
  3. In celebration of Chrome 100, I thought I might I take this opportunity to propose a new software measurement: semverflation [noun]: an estimate of major releases of a software package on a 10 year time scale. Chrome: 73.6 Safari: 8.0 Firefox: 50.2 React: 20.4 Eleventy: 2.5
  4. is this right className Welcome extends React.Component {}
  5. React (and React based frameworks) have an uphill performance battle. A gem from nomsternom on smashingmag. smashingmagazine.com/2022/01/web-frameworks-guide-part1/#bundle-size
    OpenGraph image for smashingmagazine.com/2022/01/web-frameworks-guide-part1/#bundle-sizeBundle Size

When looking at bundle size, I like looking at the minified non-Gzip’d size. That’s the size that is the most relevant to the CPU cost of JavaScript execution.

    ReactDOM is about 120 KB.
    SolidJS is about 18 KB.
    Lit is about 16 KB.
    Svelte is about 2 KB, but the size of the generated code varies.

It seems that today’s frameworks are doing a better job than React of keeping the bundle size small. The virtual DOM requires a lot of JavaScript.
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    remix_run congrats to disquisition for the earliest use of the phrase “post-React world” in 2016 👀 disquisition/776897092375552000
  7. Very good news to see that the remix_run folks are coming onboard with moving into a post-React world. ryanflorence/1486530142507655173
  8. …in reply to @kaleidawave
    kaleidawave Okay now we can talk about React 😅zachleat/1448387188719333381
  9. …in reply to @OrenElbaum
    OrenElbaum Very interesting that I didn’t mention React at all in this thread 😇😅
  10. Very curious if Facebook’s React team will ship the fix for web component interoperability with version 18 github.com/facebook/react/issues/11347 Seeing movement as of 3 days ago github.com/facebook/react/pull/22184 reactjs/1460380211262930948
    OpenGraph image for github.com/facebook/react/issues/11347OpenGraph image for github.com/facebook/react/pull/22184
  11. Now that sveltejs has full-time engineering resources, it’s exciting to see accumulating evidence that things are moving more and more into a post-React world.
  12. OH: “If React was a Pal*ntir product, would our community still use it?”
  13. Old enough to remember the jQuery Credit Card being universally panned by the community when it was introduced because it was a bad look to be associated with predatory credit card companies. Seems so tame now compared to the React ⊂ Facebook relationship.
  14. …in reply to @matthewcp
    matthewcp briankardell eleventy A ha—now I understand what you mean and it makes way more sense—thank you for elaborating! I think React-y things typically rely on something like github.com/nfl/react-helmet
    OpenGraph image for github.com/nfl/react-helmet
  15. …in reply to @MallikaChakra15
    MallikaChakra15 React templates can't be used in Eleventy yet. A preprocessor would be required! Follow along at github.com/11ty/eleventy/issues/235
    OpenGraph image for github.com/11ty/eleventy/issues/235
  16. “Overreacting” is a very relevant technical term. e.g. “Did you need to use client-side React for this? Seems like you’re overreacting.” 😎 teejungle.net/products/overreacting-react-short-sleeve-unisex-t-shirt
    OpenGraph image for teejungle.net/products/overreacting-react-short-sleeve-unisex-t-shirt
  17. I want to see these graphs but for AMP and React. briankardell/1194314471491035136
  18. …in reply to @elliott_regan
    elliott_regan miked1ck I mean, I’m not 100% on board with that distinction either but that’s how the article divides them yeah. Similarly, React developers have said that React isn’t a framework either (c’mon, though) 🤷‍♂️
  19. …in reply to @hrrdevelop
    hrrdevelop csswizardry imgur React developers get mad when you mention that a React site has problems, I guess
  20. …in reply to @zachleat
    (apologies, I somehow missed that TinaCMS is for React-only sites 👀)
  21. …in reply to @slightlylate
    slightlylate aerotwist I miss his lovely blog posts ❤️ I would go so far to say that Paul's blog is my main thread and React is blocking it 😭
  22. …in reply to @kurtextrem
    kurtextrem React does seem to have some nice virtualized-esque libraries to make it very easy to implement (I mean that in a positive way)
  23. Which has a better First Meaningful Paint time? ① a raw 8.5MB HTML file with the full text of every single one of my 27,506 tweets ② a client rendered React site with exactly one tweet on it (Spoiler: ____lighthouse reports 8.5MB of HTML wins by about 200ms)
  24. …in reply to @wes_dot_dev
    wesleydesouza A code of conduct for community members. React doesn’t have this although dan_abramov had expressed support for it in a different portion of this thread (now deleted because he’s inactive)
  25. …in reply to @zachleat
    The argument here is that React can’t be held responsible for its community, as the React community is vast. React née Facebook should not escape scrutiny this easily for its community or societal problems of scale. They made their California King bed, now they must lie in it.
  26. …in reply to @zachleat
    The length of the React-specific Code of Conduct document is embarrassing. A community of React’s size should have their own Code of Conduct and not punt to Facebook. The “full text” that is linked does not mention React at all. engineering.fb.com/codeofconduct/
    OpenGraph image for engineering.fb.com/codeofconduct/
  27. …in reply to @zachleat
    React explicitly states that their Code of Conduct applies only to “project participants.” What is a project participant? To me this reads like it exempts community members. github.com/facebook/react/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
    OpenGraph image for github.com/facebook/react/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
  28. HTML on Modern Tooling Tutorials: React: <div id="errors"></div><div id="root"></div><script></script> via the Final Result on reactjs.org/tutorial/tutorial.html Vue: <script></script><div id="app"><p>{{ message }}</p></div> via Hello World example on vuejs.org/v2/guide/#Getting-Started
    OpenGraph image for reactjs.org/tutorial/tutorial.htmlOpenGraph image for vuejs.org/v2/guide/#Getting-Started
  29. …in reply to @oleg008
    oleg008 Ah, fair question—in my experience the React community is particularly tied to CSS-in-JS. But you’re right—it may not be CSS-in-JS, it could just be a standard overuse of JS over CSS for layout (maybe a container queries polyfill?). Not sure! But I do have a hunch
  30. …in reply to @zachleat
    before y’all get salty about using the platform, keep in mind that the first React color picker demo I found used 889.14 KB of JavaScript 😱😱😱😱
  31. …in reply to @SaraSoueidan
    SaraSoueidan Does a React community code of conduct exist?
  32. …in reply to @kpk
    kpk sangster angustweets bigethan jkup Ah, now I’m curious—when you say your React CSS is zero, I take that to mean specifically that you don’t have any render blocking external stylesheet references—is that right?
  33. …in reply to @thefinley
    thefinley davatron5000 jaffathecake snookca Eh, I dunno this tweet changed the way I am thinking about it: jaffathecake/1050745168884842498 WC’s shouldn’t be React-style component-all-the-things. They should complement your existing HTML for JS additions to your baseline experience. I like that framing much better
  34. …in reply to @AmeliasBrain
    AmeliasBrain Hmm, when I reference jQuery I only intend to say jQuery as used on the client? Could one also say that React and Vue include features that (in some cases) are just extra unnecessary weight?
  35. …in reply to @bmuenzenmeyer
    bmuenzenmeyer brad_frost I guess what I didn’t understand for most of the discussion yesterday is that this source code was taken from a popular React project—it wasn’t created by Brad. Maybe relevant to some of your post?
  36. …in reply to @kdzwinel
    kdzwinel housecor Huh! From your tweet I thought you were supporting my case but after looking at your GitHub repo I’m not sure 😀 Did y’all start with HTML or did you start with React components?
  37. Can someone recommend a secure and encrypted cloud backup product? Please don't tell me that you heard React was good
  38. Genuinely curious dan_abramov: does Facebook use React on m.facebook.com? dan_abramov/842329893044146176
  39. …in reply to @kosamari
    kosamari ajpiano janecakemaster brooklyn_js all of them were amazing but—React, React! ♥️