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‘Burnout’ Notes

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Week Notes №1 ending 24 May 2019

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I think it’s valuable to collect my thoughts as sort of a personal brain log, so as each work week progresses I’ll collect notes and publish them at the end of the week. This is the first installment of that series.

Jeremy Keith and Zach Leatherman at Beyond Tellerrand

Web Fonts #

Eleventy #


The bar indicating you’re viewing an @AMPhtml page—and the only visible cue you’re not on the original, real page—seems to be getting progressively smaller, and harder to use.—Ethan Marcotte

The AMP toolbar is shrinking, further damaging the integrity of the URL.

Terence Eden, member of the AMP Advisory Committee posted a scathing review of AMP on his blog. (via Brian Suda)

Burnout #

“I only really feel burnout from lack of alignment with goals. So if I work on a project of my own, I recharge because my values are honored.”—Sarah Drasner

Wow—I’ve never seen burnout framed like this but it reverberated through my bones.

.io Domains #

Tatiana Mac retweeted an article into my timeline about the problematic use of .io domains.

I made a public pledge to migrate to after reading this.