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  1. Just had a blast recording a ShopTalkShow episode with two lovely web site mechanics, chriscoyier and davatron5000. When this is published, make sure to listen in to hear which one of us said “too many farts in the machine.”
  2. made a new friend today, named them al webpacka
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  3. This but for web font FOIT and FOUT please! RyanTownsend/1197861717021220864
  4. spent like a week building auth and search for the eleven_ty web site but people like having their picture in the possum balloon the most 😭
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  5. It’s a juggling act trying to invest in both sustainability and product quality/features—but I am trying! eleven_ty/1197551541458231298
  6. Friends at perfnowconf—please give a warm welcome to very early eleven_ty contributor and nice person Philipp! kleinfreund/1196497638943789056
  7. you’ll never seize the means of production without getting the staging servers first
  8. The Web Almanac 2019, Web Fonts Edition. * A look at the dominance of googlefonts. * A special award to the WordPress “performance optimization” plugin that loaded 718 web fonts on a single page. almanac.httparchive.org/en/2019/fonts Thanks HTTPArchive for letting me participate!
  9. with markup it’s view source with <div></div> it’s view remorse
  10. Tip! put your browser window in the middle and hold down option while you drag to resize from the center (Mac OS) lynnandtonic is the best—join her patreon! patreon.com/lynnandtonic lynnandtonic/1196831551826186245
  11. this design aesthetic might best be described as “makes it look like there is an eyelash on the screen”
  12. It just feels *good* to invest in your documentation, you know?
  13. you can’t spell admired without mired and PLEASE DISABLE YOUR AD BLOCKER TO SEE THIS CONTENT
  14. someone: “thanks, appreciate the help!” my brain: “don’t webmention it”
  15. On the Eleventy issue tracker today: > Hi, sorry for the perhaps simple question, but I just don't get it :/ > Hey 👋, don't be sorry. We are a friendly bunch of people. I AM FIST PUMPING AT MY DESK RIGHT NOW. You made my week with that empathetic reply scottishstoater! 🙌
  16. if you return false in Array filter it means filter it if you return true in Array filter it means don’t filter it seems backwards to me but ok
  17. wow natfriedman you’ve decided to double down on that ICE contract huh BW/1194630950103076864
  18. dear jack: jennschiffer is more newsworthy to me than the current US president
  19. I want to see these graphs but for AMP and React. briankardell/1194314471491035136
  20. budget thy performance lest a budget be decreed unto ye addyosmani/1193960002051985408
  21. “Soylent? That sounds like toilet!”—my four year old, more right than she knows
  22. I watered my office plant for the first time in weeks—give me a horticulture award
  23. I've been to every BarCampOmaha since 2012 and have given a talk every year except the first (6!) Really disappointed to be missing out this year, especially with the indie revival spearheaded by splitinfinities 🏆 Wishing y’all a really amazing event today ❤️❤️❤️
  24. modern web browsing means opening the devtools to see if the loading spinner failed without telling anyone
  25. A key difference between Flexbox and Grid: how the cells wrap!
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  26. he’s not explicitly a mime—like, he doesn’t pretend to be trapped in an invisible box in his off hours… but he’s definitely a MIME type, if you know what I mean
  27. Faux Web Fonts are Socks With Sandals™
  28. An AI self-driving trolley with *fully functional* brakes heads down a track. The AI recognizes 5 people on the track ahead. Does the trolley: 1. Engage the brakes, saving lives 2. Kill the people. Handling jaywalking was not a stakeholder requirement Ethics are so COMPLICATED!
  29. ok boomer is an anagram of facebook note: this post has been vetted by facebook fact checkers as “not inaccurate”
  30. now wait just one minute
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  31. Hey—with SchauDustin and now blainekastengatsbyjs is hiring all of the nebraskajs alumni! 😎 blainekasten/1192167511648874497
  32. “We migrated from WordPress to JAMstack for a huge TTFB performance boost which freed my performance budget up to add this giant JavaScript bundle and now my performance is… much worse than when I started wait”
  33. I’ve been waiting eagerly for this launch—it really feels like a new gold standard for long-term framework independent design systems. “can be also used *without* any JS framework.” 🎉 Amazing work viljamis! viljamis/1192042256737415170
  34. at least some of you agree that monorepos are kind of overrated right?
  35. I very much enjoyed this email from a concerned reader worried about my hamburger menu 😅
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  36. a big thank you to new investor slash designer davatron5000 for this proposed logo for the next version of eleven_ty
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  37. mfw you run a full court wordpress chrissyteigen/1191458972118597633
  38. Love this beautiful archival work from Sébastien Matos, who created historical reproductions of different scrollbar implementations: Evolution of the Scrollbar scrollbars.matoseb.com/
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  39. the only ethical consumption under capitalism is tuberculosis