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  1. I just muted the phrase “I just muted” on here and don’t bother engaging with this because I’ll never see it
  2. gave my son extra snacks right before my company-wide demo and he finished them all before I could start talking 😭😭😭
  3. “you see, the giant JavaScript bundle actually makes the page faster…”
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  4. My team Netlify has a dedicated ten minutes in our retros for intra-team thank yous and I’ve never witnessed anything else in my entire career have a higher team morale payoff than this. Feels like a cheat code.
  5. 📝 Bulk Generating OG Images A quick bash script to convert a directory of images (of varying size) to social-share friendly images with a specified background color and watermark image. zachleat.com/web/bulk-og/
  6. Human beings have trouble comprehending large numbers. For example: 1️⃣ The number of grains of sand on planet Earth 2️⃣ My three year old repeating “Why?” relentlessly (to be fair I taught him this) 3️⃣ How many times Notion can ask to restart for new features
  7. EXTREMELY MIDWESTERN OPINION INCOMING: I better not see corporations thinking they can just walk/roll their robot on to my property ValaAfshar/1289937051983347713
  8. post-launch hangover feels like post-conference-talk hangover
  9. if TikTok were a web app, could the government ban it?
  10. “Schools must reopen except for the one my kid goes to.” 🧐 apnews.com/4a92f4e09afe2c4f2680171d89232dc3
  11. “single page apps are awesome because they defer problems to runtime, at which point people might not be able to find me.” jfbastien/1289305925199650816
  12. > Test results were available for 344 (58%) attendees; among these, 260 (76%) were positive. […] 51% among those aged 6–10 years, 44% among those aged 11–17 years, and 33% among those aged 18–21 years I’m sure schools will be fine though, right? jake_zuckerman/1289249721014345728
  13. combining my three passions tgrochowicz/1289192917878190080
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  14. I can’t hit the Accept button (unless I resize the window small or very large)
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  15. I forgot that I own eleventy.dev
  16. TBT: 0ms you love to see it peruvianidol/1288839520272683009
  17. HTML’s kryptonite is a missing </style>
  18. This thread turned into a lovely list of cutting edge CSS that you can use today as progressive enhancement 🏆 zachleat/1288178736899268608
  19. What are some modern day examples of “not all browsers *need* rounded corners” (when there was only partial support for border-radius)? Embracing browser differences over expensive polyfills. One that jumps to mind is CSS smooth scrolling scroll-behavior, missing on Safari.
  20. how many hawks is philhawksworth worth
  21. Thank you, Twitter! wongmjane/1288076803580411908
  22. Created a twitter account for speedlify if you want to follow along!
  23. you could be stranded in the desert for a full calendar month and still not be as thirsty as youtube tv
  24. Congrats to the nuxt_js team shipping an incremental builds feature! nuxt_js/1287808531295604738
  25. let me introduce you to a brand new, innovative approach I’m calling CSS-adjacent-JS
  26. All the love and support to the other parents out there feeling this exact same mood. ❤️ Go easy on yourselves, y’all. johncutlefish/1287058024532570112
  27. “yes, great talk about houdini, I really enjoyed it—I just had one question—well, truthfully this is more of a comment than a container query…”
  28. Just anecdotally speaking ____lighthouse Mobile performance scores are more difficult to score well than Desktop ones—is this by design? And if so—should they be more distinct visually? Too ambiguous on the visuals—very hard to know what mode the test ran in. cc patrickhulce
  29. My neighbor put up a trump yard sign and I’m now in the market for a yard sign of my own—the more passive aggressive the better. Any ideas?
  30. this project has been turing 90% complete for the last 4 months
  31. nostalgic shout out to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🐴
  32. putting a GIF on the web site should throw a build error
  33. peak web development is implementing an entire responsive site in a single <img> pointing to an SVG source wait—is this container queries sindresorhus/1285609420098088961
  34. Very big news from Netlify today: much more affordable Pro pricing! Netlify/1285612328780795904
  35. quarantine level unlocked: clean-shaven-ish zachleat/1285623851544707083
  36. TIL there are Build Hook environment variables available in Netlify and it’s unlocking a few new ideas: docs.netlify.com/configure-builds/environment-variables/#build-hook-metadata-and-payload
  37. business people love to touch base but act confused when I want to play business tag
  38. 📝 The Lighthouse Scores Will Continue Until Morale Improves …or How I added daily auto-updating Lighthouse Scores for Starter Projects to the eleven_ty Docs. Demo: 11ty.dev/docs/starter/ Blog Post: zachleat.com/web/11ty-lighthouse/