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  1. if I pay github $1 will they donate $2.5 to charity or is this deal only applicable if ICE pays them
  2. I don’t get mad on this social network very often but waking up to the “github 🤝 ICE” letter… wow. natfriedman + co what are y’all DOING!? Hard to imagine a company burning through their community goodwill so quickly. Terrible. Can you imagine writing this paragraph??
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  3. Adobe’s compliance with a US government order to block—checks notes—the entire country of Venezuela 😱 is a harsh reminder that even if you paid for the software—you don’t own it. You’re merely leasing it, temporarily.
  4. oops, I forgot to register for jamstackconf
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  5. Reading through results for the upcoming 2019 HTTPArchive almanac. Wow—it’s really incredible how much googlefonts dominates the web fonts world.
  6. the four year old drew this and I love these grumpy long-legged characters (the middle one is me)
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  7. when ticketmaster charges you a convenience fee to print your own tickets ↕️ when the web font license charges more for self hosting 😒
  8. Anyone have any neat Flexbox tricks to share with me? In the same vein as heydonworks’ Holy Albatross flex-basis chicanery? Surely there are more hidden gems out there
  9. Excuse me preetster—what is this amazing slider!! (at the bottom of shihn.ca/posts/2019/created-a-blog/) preetster/1180207472700559361
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  10. The eleven_ty supplies for jamstackconf have arrived!
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text in their API
  11. Forever status: excited to have learned a thing that I should’ve known already
  12. I’ve had a few people jokingly apologize to me for not using eleven_ty to build their site. I’m glad Eleventy is providing value but it doesn’t bother me if you don’t use it! *Having* a site of your own is 100× more important than the tools you used to build it ❤️
  13. the scale on this graph starts at 25 seconds and goes up to two minutes 😳 paulcalvano/1179192810727186433
  14. can elizabeth warren split up react into smaller pieces too or no EliFitch/1179027591078002691
  15. Reply to this with your favorite indieweb personal site! indieweb.org My favorites include: mxbck’s mxb.dev/ adactio’s adactio.com/ sonniesedge’s sonniesedge.net/ and aaronpk’s aaronparecki.com/ What’s yours?
  16. 11pm: I hate this presentation, these slides are terrible—I want to scrap everything 7am, after a good night’s sleep: actually these seem okay
  17. emoji are the new clipart
  18. do elephants get boogers (this is an earnest question)
  19. “In 2018, we will see the first major brand shut down its website. The brand will shift how it connects with consumers—to conversations, with a combination of bots and humans, through a messaging front end like SMS or Facebook.” Any update on this—did it happen RobLoCascio? RobLoCascio/963547098514903042
  20. apropos of nothing if anyone wants to invest in eleven_ty I will let you sit on my board it’s an 8′ 2×4 so there isn’t a ton of seating—first come first serve
  21. Virtualized lists and tables that break ⌘+F and Ctrl+F on the web are a reoccurring point of frustration for me. Is there a nicer middle ground here?
  22. --- Sent from my iPhone
  23. I’m “API rate limit exceeded for {IP_ADDRESS}, time to hop on a VPN” years old
  24. Has anyone kept a record of Twitter’s new tweet placeholder text? What did it have before “What’s happening?”
  25. added an infinite loop to this finite state machine now it is an infinite state machine
  26. microsoft teams is pretty decent software, please send all your @’s c/o nicknisi thank you
  27. “has unmet peer dependency” sounds like something a real jerk would say at standup
  28. It bothers me an irrational amount that the 0 (zero) character in Android 10 is wider than it was on Android 9. My brain keep reading the time as 1:O1 instead of 1:01 😱
  29. I have never included advertising on my website and I don’t have a personal Patreon but I am giving web monetization a try on my blog. Install the Coil browser extension to support css, hankchizljaw, sallylait, (me), and others! Learn more: css-tricks.com/site-monetization-with-coil-and-removing-ads-for-supporters/
  30. how much would it cost to hire a private investigator to follow mark zuckerberg around and compile a very large data set on his personal habits, likes, dislikes, travel patterns, etc. to sell to marketers is this the kind of thing that kickstarter is for
  31. meant to type <span> but accidentally used <spa> and it downloaded a bulky client-side state management library and now I have a bunch more accessibility problems
  32. okay sure, the free software foundation but what about a freedom from software foundation
  33. every day I do battle with my cynicism. some days I win. other days I’m hopeful I’ll win tomorrow.
  34. Wow, this looks very interesting. Looks like it doesn’t require me to add any third party JavaScript to my site—just one meta tag 🎉🎉🎉 hankchizljaw/1173892644344348673
  35. I’m Taking Ownership of My Tweets: zachleat.com/web/own-my-tweets/ Take a look at an early release of my self-hosted Twitter archive: zachleat.com/twitter/
  36. github stars give off light from open source projects that are millions of years old
  37. a blog post I wrote made it on hacker news and I want to thank the dear well-intentioned readers of the site for definitely reading the entirety of the article prior to scrawling their 135 very well-informed comments what a lovely community, those hackers-of-news.
  38. Just a super casual reminder—on October 17th I’ll be at jamstackconf talking about the #indieweb and owning your social media content—only a short walk from Twitter HQ in San Francisco 😎. jamstackconf.com/sf/ They gave me a code for 15% off (DM me for that) #jamstack
  39. apropos of “CSS-only container queries would be real useful right now” it’s time now for our quarterly reminder that CSS-only container queries would be real useful right now
  40. “What we found when we tested tools on the world’s least-accessible webpage” A very relevant comparison of automated accessibility tools from cfq. accessibility.blog.gov.uk/2017/02/24/what-we-found-when-we-tested-tools-on-the-worlds-least-accessible-webpage/