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Zach Leatherman

I Can Say Words Out Loud At Your Event

So you’ve reviewed my past speaking experience and decided that I might be a good fit to speak at your event—how exciting!

As a long time conference organizer, I know that organizing can be very difficult work. Thank you for what you’re doing. Building a community is the most important and undervalued part of a long term investment in well-rounded citizens pushing a positive influence on the web at large.

As such, I keep a certain set of personal guidelines that I hold myself accountable to when agreeing to speak at a conference.

  • Speaker diversity must be a priority. I will likely remove myself from the lineup if I discover that it was not made a priority.
  • Travel and lodging must be paid for every speaker that is traveling to the conference. I’ve seen behind the curtain. I know the economics of conferences. This should be the first item in the budget.

Sound good? Great! Email me and we can get started!

If you’re looking for Bio text and pictures, head on over to my About page.

  • This page should be considered a living document.
  • Last updated 2019-01-14

Heavily inspired by Ethan Marcotte’s My Questions for Event Organizers.