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Why Are There So Many Static Site Generators

Blog posts and tutorials for perhaps my biggest side project yet, the Eleventy static site generator. This blog is generated using Eleventy.

  1. The State of Eleventy in Two Minutes EleventySpeaking2 min Video Oct 2020
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  3. Eleventy Crash Course with Nick and Zach—NebraskaJS Omaha EleventySpeaking Feb 2020
  4. Let’s Learn Eleventy!—Learn With Jason EleventySpeakingon Jan 792 min Video Jan 2020
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  6. Shop Talk Show #390: Eleventy with Zach Leatherman EleventySpeaking62 min Audio Dec 2019
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  9. Spicy fonts and static sites 🌶️—JS Party Episode #79 EleventyWeb FontsSpeaking67 min Audio Jun 2019
  10. Render Snarky Comments in Comic Sans 📢 229Eleventy Jun 2019
  11. Eleventy Quick Tip №8: Trigger a Netlify Build Every Day with IFTTT Eleventy Feb 2019
  12. Eleventy Quick Tip №7: Fetch GitHub Stargazers Count (and More) at Build Time Eleventy Jan 2019
  13. Build your own Blog from Scratch using Eleventy Eleventy Jan 2019
  14. Happy Birthday Eleventy! 🎉 📢 5Eleventy Nov 2018
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  17. Google Open Source Award for Eleventy Eleventy Mar 2018
  18. Introducing Eleventy, a new Static Site Generator EleventyProject #20 Feb 2018
  19. Making a Simple Web Site with the Simplest Static Site Generator, Level 2—Adding Filters 📢 1Eleventy Jan 2018
  20. Making a Simple Web Site with the Simplest Static Site Generator, Level 1 Eleventy #11 Jan 2018