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11ty Goes Fully Independent—JS Party #325

May 31, 2024 #11 Popular

I was on the JS Party podcast to talk about the push to make 11ty independent and sustainability in 2024!

11ty creator Zach Leatherman is taking the open source site generator fully independent in 2024 and he’s back on the pod to tell us why, how & what we all can do to help.

I’ve been blown away by the response so far, y’all are amazing. At time of this post we’re currently at 56% of the goal.

11ty Logo

(The above graph will update daily with the current status.)

Listen at or below:

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I Need Your Help to Make 11ty Fully Independent and Sustainable in 2024

Zach Leatherman IndieWeb Avatar for a builder for the web and the creator/maintainer of IndieWeb Avatar for https://www.11ty.devEleventy (11ty), an award-winning open source site generator. At one point he became entirely too fixated on web fonts. He has given 81 talks in nine different countries at events like Beyond Tellerrand, Smashing Conference, Jamstack Conf, CSSConf, and The White House. Formerly part of CloudCannon, Netlify, Filament Group, NEJS CONF, and NebraskaJS. Learn more about Zach »


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  1. Jerod Santo

    Jerod Santo

    @zachleat @jsparty @eleventy @nicknisi "friend of the pod" status has been firmly cemented ????

  2. Zach Leatherman :11ty:

    Zach Leatherman :11ty:

    @jerod @jsparty @eleventy @nicknisi brb updating my business card

  3. Ollie Boermans

    Ollie Boermans

    @zachleat on the curly @nicknisi question of what you can do to improve the #11ty ChatGPT experience. There is a big thing you can do and I reckon you are doing it! Minimising breaking changes to the API and configuration would go a long way to ensuring based on what little the… Truncated

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