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Web Fonts & Type

A list of every post or project dealing with web fonts, web font loading, or typography.

  1. 2017
  2. 23 Minutes of Work for Better Font Loading Web Fonts🔥 #1 Nov 2017
  3. Managing Font Loading CSS Was Painful—Not Anymore Web FontsProject🔥 #4 Nov 2017
  4. A Collection of Web Font Loading Recipes Web FontsProjectResearch🔥 #12 Oct 2017
  5. FOIT vs. FOUT, a Side by Side Comparison Web FontsProject🔥 #20 Oct 2017
  6. A Historical Look at FOUT and FOIT Web Fonts🔥 #10 Sep 2017
  7. Web Standards Podcast #85 Web FontsSpeaking Sep 2017
  8. The Web Font Loading Glossary Web Fonts🔥 #7 Aug 2017
  9. Font Aliasing, or How to Rename a Font in CSS Web FontsResearch🔥 #6Highlight Jun 2017
  10. Laissez-faire Font Smoothing and Anti-aliasing Web FontsResearch🔥 #17Highlight May 2017
  11. CSS-Tricks Video Screencasts #152: Font Loading Web FontsSpeaking57 min Video Jan 2017
  12. Shop Talk Show #247: The Performance Equation Web FontsSpeaking72 min Audio Jan 2017
  13. 2016
  14. No @font-face Syntax will ever be Bulletproof, Nor Should It Be. Web FontsHighlight Dec 2016
  15. Lazy Loading Web Fonts Is Probably Not What You Want Web FontsHighlight Nov 2016
  16. A Comprehensive Guide to Font Loading Strategies Web Fonts🔥 #2Highlight Jul 2016
  17. Web Fonts for President 2016 Web Fonts🔥 #5 Apr 2016
  18. The Web Fonts: Preloaded Web FontsResearch🔥 #11Highlight Apr 2016
  19. Web Font Anti-pattern: Data URIs Web FontsResearch🔥 #19Highlight Mar 2016
  20. Critical Web Fonts Web FontsResearch🔥 #8Highlight Jan 2016
  21. 2015
  22. A Brief History of that Time You Used Web Fonts—SmashingConf Barcelona Web FontsConference Speaking48 min Video Oct 2015
  23. The Performance and Usability of Web Fonts—Velocity New York City Web FontsConference Speaking42 min Video Oct 2015
  24. The Mitt Romney Web Font Problem Web FontsResearchHighlight May 2015
  25. The Performance and Usability of Font Loading—Velocity Santa Clara Web FontsConference Speaking39 min Video May 2015
  26. Better @font-face with Font Load Events—SmashingConf Whistler Web FontsConference Speaking48 min VideoHighlight Feb 2015
  27. Flash of Faux Text—still more on Font Loading Web FontsResearch🔥 #14Highlight Jan 2015
  28. How we use web fonts responsibly, or, avoiding a @font-face-palm Web FontsResearch Jan 2015
  29. 2014
  30. The Making of Web FontsSpeaking19 min Video Nov 2014
  31. WOFF2 See the Wizard, a Wonderful JavaScript Feature Test Web FontsProject Oct 2014
  32. A Font Family Reunion Web FontsProjectHighlight Sep 2014
  33. Better @font-face with Font Load Events on Dev.Opera Web FontsResearchHighlight Sep 2014
  34. Bulletproof Icon Fonts—CSSConf Web FontsConference Speaking26 min Video May 2014
  35. Bulletproof Accessible Icon Fonts Web FontsProjectResearchHighlight Jan 2014
  36. 2011
  37. FitText + BigText: A Tale of Two Plugins Web FontsProject🔥 #16Highlight May 2011
  38. BigText Makes Text Big Web FontsProject🔥 #3Highlight Jan 2011