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Better @font-face with Font Load Events—SmashingConf Whistler

27 Feb 2015 Zach Leatherman
Watch in 48 min
Whistler Gondola View

Of all the talks I’ve given thus far in my career, I think this one is the one I’m most proud of. The conference was fun: the attendees were lively and attentive, the location was beautiful (after it quit raining), and Vitaly sprinkled a bunch of easter eggs into the conference which always adds a little something extra. A huge thank you to Tim Kadlec for inviting me to speak.


SmashingConf Whistler — Zach Leatherman on Better @font-face with Font Load Events from Smashing Magazine on Vimeo.

Skip to 3:43 to see me attempt to trick a crowd of 300 people into doing the flashback arm waving sequence from Wayne’s World, something I decided would be okay to try after seeing the responses to this tweet.

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