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The Performance and Usability of Font Loading—Velocity Santa Clara

28 May 2015 Zach Leatherman
Watch in 39 min

My beautiful daughter was born exactly 26 days before the Velocity Conference. The other parents in my life warned me what having a new child would be like—you live your life in one hour increments between feedings, twenty four hours a day. I did not heed their warnings and used many of those sleep-deprived increments to make a brand new presentation on Web Fonts for Velocity.

YouTube Video: Velocity Conference, The Performance and Usability of Font Loading

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Thank You

A huge thanks to Steve Souders for goading me into submitting a proposal to the conference—I had a great time. It was amazing to finally meet Steve in person as well as Katie Kovalcin and Bruce Lawson, people I had only known previously through the magic of the Internet.

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Fantastic video. Great FOUT strategies.