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The Eleventy v2.0 Release, a talk at the Eleventy Meetup

Watch on YouTube: The Eleventy v2.0 Release, a talk at the Eleventy Meetup

Watch on YouTube or check out the full Eleventy Meetup YouTube channel!


Eleventy v2Dependencies: v1.0.2 ×311, v2.0.0 ×211More secure: reduce future npm audit vulnerabilitiesSmaller: v1.0.2 155 MB, v2.0.0 34.3 MBSmaller: comparison to Next.js 158 MB, Astro 169 MB, Gatsby 583 MB, Remix 497 MBFaster install: v1.0.2 7.406 seconds, v2.0.0 5.149 secondsFaster install: comparison to Next.js 3.72 seconds, Astro 12.52 seconds, Gatsby 43.36 seconds, Remix 40.14 secondsAs always, no telemetry--incremental (finally)Terminal showing an incremental build, file changed: src/index.webc, Wrote 1 file (skipped 167) in 0.79 secondsTerminal showing an incremental build, layout file changed: src/_includes/layouts/docs.njk, Wrote 156 files (skipped 10) in 1.51 secondsTerminal showing an incremental build, component file changed: src/_includes/components/callout.webc, Wrote 1 file (skipped 167) in 0.71 secondsTerminal showing an incremental build, editing a page in a collection: src/blog/, Wrote 2 files (skipped 166) in 0.68 secondsShowing how to declare collection dependencies in front matter, JavaScript front matter: let eleventyImport = { collections: ['blog'] };--ignore-initial--incremental: Wrote 165 files in 1.92 seconds or with --ignore-initial: Wrote 0 files in 0.76 secondsEmulated passthrough Copy: Copied 6898 files or skips all copyDev server: minimal footprint 1.4 MB node_modules, Bundler decoupled, fast 2ms startup times, WebSockets-based Live reload, DOM-diffing HTML updatesNO MORE indented markdown blocksAdded default config file names eleventy.config.js and eleventy.config.cjsaddShortcode(async () => {});addFilter(async () => {}); and this.eleventy on Shortcodes, Filters, Linters, TransformsCustom Data Formats add your own data file extension to Eleventy, addDataExtension('toml')Images as Data: addDataExtension('png,jpeg')Plugins: Edge, i18n, Base, and ViteWebC!HTML-first componentsClient-JavaScript 100% optionalSingle file componentsCSS/JS management includedIslands Architecture with is-landFully async-friendlyFull incremental supportShadow DOM, Declarative Shadow DOM, No Shadow DOMWhat’s next for Eleventy?Better docs!Eleventy v3 🐥 (canary)Thank you!

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JS Party Episode #266: Celebrating Eleventy 2.0 🎉

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