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Eleventy and CloudCannon: New Best Friends

July 25, 2023
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What's up everybody? I have some great news.In a few short weeks, I will be joining CloudCannon as a developer advocate andfor folks in the Eleventy community I am delighted to reveal that this move willunlock sponsorship of official open source development time for Eleventy.

Importantly, Eleventy will continue on asan independent open source project, and I'm excited about the opportunities ahead.If you're not familiar with CloudCannon,they're an incredible git backed CMS with amazing visual editing features.

CloudCannon have been avid supporters of Eleventy for quite some time, relaunchingtheir website using Eleventy earlier this year.I'd also recommend checking out theframework independent open source projects they manage.

I personally love the Page Find static search project.We use it on Eleventy’s documentation.After surveying the Eleventy community recently, we found that the data reflectedan opportunity to refocus Eleven ty as a static site generator.

Really returning to our roots and theoriginal benefits of the Jamstack that we've all come to know and love.Front-end web performance, improved security by decreasing runtimes, andreducing vendor lock in for maximum hosting portability.

We'll use this newly sponsored developmenttime from CloudCannon to implement Project Slipstream, which is the code name we'reusing for Eleventy’s simplification and rededication to the Jamstack.Stay tuned—work has already begun and we

look forward to shipping our first 30 alpha release soon.And just speaking personally, I continue to be thankful not just to CloudCannon,but also to everyone that's reached out with offers of help for Eleventy.It really speaks volumes to the kind and helpful folks that make up our community.

Let's keep those vibes going through theIssue tracker, the Discord, YouTube, Mastodon, and whatever other flavor of theweek social network is happening this week.I appreciate y'all and keep building for the web.

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