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Zach Leatherman

Community Experience

Professional Experience

  • Web Developer for netlify’s AvatarNetlify
    Remote to San Francisco, CA
    • January 2020 to Present
  • Web Developer for filamentgroup’s AvatarFilament Group
    Remote to Boston, MA
    • June 2012 to January 2020
    • Web development and consulting focused on a web for everyone: Performance, Responsive Design, Accessibility, and more. Personal specialties included web fonts, accessible forms, and responsive tables.
    • Voted Agency of the Year, .net Awards 2015
    • Worked with clients like LEGO, Akamai, Global News,,, ebay, CNN, Forrester Research, attivio, Objective Logistics, RetailMeNot, Liberty Mutual, and more.
    • Converted type character designs into a multi-layer multi-typeface web font implementation for previewing monograms on retail clothing.
    • Standardized the new project boilerplate and the release process for project maintenance.
    • Wrote a lightweight no-dependency IE8-compatible polyfill for custom events.
    • Developed a responsive reusable component library for email.
  • Front End Architect for UnionPacific’s AvatarUnion Pacific Railroad
    Omaha, NE
    • June 2011 to May 2012
    • While maintaining a technical leadership role for the component library, also responsible for setting the company's direction for mobile application development.
    • Developed a input-device independent reusable component library to serve both mobile web and hybrid native applications.
    • Ownership of all company authentication pages, internal/external and mobile/desktop. Used progressive enhancement to expand device support.
    • Evangelize front end development best practices including cross-browser compatible code, progressive enhancement, automated testing, and Responsive Web Design.
    • Started an internal HTML5 and Open Web User Group to educate developers on new web platform features.
  • Project Lead for UnionPacific’s AvatarUnion Pacific Railroad
    Omaha, NE
    • July 2008 to May 2011
    • Lead developer and support team for company-standard User Interface library used on all new web projects.
    • 62 separate reusable components across 5 simultaneous major code branches and over 50 versions.
    • Sole individual provider of support to a large developer base (~1500 employees and contractors in IT) which yielded an average of over 400 support tickets per year. Reduced total yearly defect support tickets by 43%.
    • Migrated existing code base to comply with new i18n requirements without incurring a runtime performance cost.
    • Adapted to marketing department's company wide brand refresh, centrally and easily applied to all applications.
    • Improved performance by reducing component initialization times between major versions by 5.2× in IE7 with the addition of prerendered markup in a Java framework.
    • Prevented an Adobe Flexpocalypse by opposing adoption of Adobe Flex as the primary UI development tool using the merits of the Open Web.
  • Front End Engineer for UnionPacific’s AvatarUnion Pacific Railroad
    Omaha, NE
    • June 2006 to July 2008
    • User Interface development for three internal projects, one of which received approximately 15 million hits per month.
    • Developed build process for automated deployment including CSS and JS minimization, with linting (JSLint), integration testing (Selenium) and unit testing (JSUnit).

Educational Experience

  • Computer Engineering at UNLincoln’s AvatarUniversity of Nebraska
    Lincoln, NE
    • August 2001 to May 2006
    • BS in Computer Engineering, Minor in Mathematics
    • Course Work in Semantic Web, Computer Architecture, Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Security, GUI and Unix Programming, Operating Systems and Kernels
  • Engineering Study Abroad Program
    Fortaleza, CE, Brazil
    • May 2005
    • Studies in Brazilian Culture and the Portuguese Language

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