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January 26, 2022

A short three years ago, I wrote about The Crushing Weight of the Facepile: how the image weight of the webmention avatar images were proving to be prohibitvely large.

At that time, I decided the best solution was to lazy load all of the Webmention Avatars. I used IntersectionObserver to do this because loading="lazy" wasn’t supported anywhere. It still isn’t on Safari 😬. I went further and threw the Webmention Likes into a closed <details> element so they wouldn’t load until the collapsible was expanded.

Historically, I would have solved this problem by processing and optimizing these images at build-time. But at this scale of image count, the build-time costs seemed prohibitive! I don’t think this is a priority to be fixed upstream, either.

But I finally have a new method. A better method. And it doesn’t incur any more build-time penalties either. This is a small experiment with an On-demand request-time image processing service powered entirely by Eleventy Image, which may potentially result in a new Eleventy API Service.


<img src="/web/img/webmention-avatar-default.svg" data-src="" alt="A Person’s Name" width="48" height="48">

Not pictured: the IntersectionObserver JavaScript to swap data-src to src.

Some page-weight stats from my last blog post:

  • Above the fold: ×7 images, 8.1 kB
  • Full page scroll: ×64 images, 370 kB
  • After showing Likes: ×286 images, 2.5 MB 😬
    • Note: I used to hide the Likes in a details element by default.
    • The ×286 image count likely includes some duplicates due to HTTP 301 redirects.


<img src="" alt="A Person’s Name" width="48" height="48" loading="lazy" decoding="async">

Some stats from my last blog post:

  • Above the fold: ×7 images, 9.1 kB
  • Full page scroll (with Likes shown by default): ×145 images, 258 kB

Total Savings:

  • Standard page scroll shows more images: from ×64 to now ×145.
  • But Standard page scroll image weight was reduced from 370 kB to 258 kB: 30.3% decrease
  • Worst case image weight (with Likes shown) reduced from 2.5 MB to 258 kB: 89.6% decrease


Build-time image processing is great for super-critical images that you want to package up with your build, but Request-time image optimizations are amazing for images loaded from third parties or via user generated content. We’ll see how this experiment continues but I think you’ll probably see it on the official Eleventy API Services documentation soon.

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  1. Nicolas Hoizey


    Why did the number of loaded images decrease from 286 to 145? 🤔 Also, it means could optimize images, for everyone to benefit, instead of all of us optimizing on our (multiple) ends… 😅

  2. Nicolas Hoizey


    Great job! 👍 I'm using Cloudinary here, so avatars are already requested only once and weight between 300 and 2000 bytes.

  3. Zach Leatherman



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