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October 26, 2023 #15 Popular

A lightweight themed zero-dependency web component wrapper to emulate a Safari-esque browser window for demos and presentations.

Originally used in the slide deck for This Web Site is a Tech Talk.

Notably (as this component is best for demos) it does use client rendering via Shadow DOM to add the markup for browser chrome around the content. Before JavaScript or without JavaScript, the fallback content is rendered as expected.


Here’s a live demo of it in action.

This one has a shadow.

Source code:

	<p>Here’s a <em>live demo</em> of it in action.</p>

<browser-window shadow>
	<p>This one has a shadow.</p>

This one has a URL bar (with favicon) and an iframe:

Or maybe another demo of a screenshot of the demo page:

Screenshot image for

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  1. Zach Leatherman

    Zach Leatherman

    @chriskirknielsen well, wait ????

  2. Carlton Gibson ????????

    Carlton Gibson ????????

    @zachleat (update: DISASTER emoji typo ????‍♀️ FIXED)

  3. Zach Leatherman

    Zach Leatherman

    @raymondcamden Thanks Raymond!

  4. Zach Leatherman

    Zach Leatherman

    @carlton I knew what you meant ????

  5. Konnor Rogers

    Konnor Rogers

    @zachleat wait... I actually have a use case for this...I'm working on building a "code pen like" editor using <textarea> + <pre> should pair perfectly for full page examples!!(Still a WIP)htt… Truncated

  6. Zach Leatherman

    Zach Leatherman

    @konnorrogers awesome!

  7. passle


    @zachleat Neat :)

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