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Bulk Generating OG Images

August 03, 2020

While working on the 1 Million Developers site for Netlify (which is open source, by the way), I was tasked with generating the images that would appear on tweets shared out from the site.

For a first draft, I was given a bunch of static images of varying sizes and I wanted to generate a bulk set of Open Graph images out of these. While I didn’t end up using this in the final product (we went with videos instead), I thought it was worthwhile to share in case someone else found this useful (and for future me, too).

This shell script uses imagemagick.

  1. Uses a directory of input images. It doesn’t matter what size they are, but the bigger the better.
  2. Resizes each image to the expected OpenGraph image canvas size (with padding).
  3. Adds a background color.
  4. Adds watermark image of your choosing to the bottom right corner.
  5. Writes them all to the output directory.


echo "Uses imagemagick."


mkdir tmp/
mkdir $outputDir

convert "$watermark" -resize x60 -gravity center -background "transparent" "tmp/watermark.png"

for i in $images
	# resize image
	convert "$i" -resize x530 -background $bgColor -gravity center -extent 1200x630 "tmp/${i##*/}"
	# add watermark
	composite -gravity SouthEast -geometry +20+20 "tmp/watermark.png" "tmp/${i##*/}" "${outputDir}${i##*/}"

rm -rf tmp/

Sample Input

Sample Output

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