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Dear Paul

June 19, 2022

Dear Paul,

Doth my RSS reader deceive me?

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As I’ve been away from Twitter and have only encountered this link via my RSS application, I’ve taken it upon myself to contact IndieWeb Avatar for https://feedbin.comFeedbin support to correct what must be an error in their typically inerrant feed reading application experience.

I have not yet clicked through to your web blog out of concern for my own cybersecurity. I suspect that I am being targeted for an elaborate phishing attack. No one will be jacking my clicks, I can assure you of that.

If not a nation-state level cyber-attack: might this be yet another instance of a Richard Revolution video trolling?

Or perhaps you’ve simply let your domain name renewal lapse. Has the technology behind domain parking pages advanced to a never before seen level of individualized personalization? Is this a marketing ploy by GoDaddy on this the most sacred of company holidays: GoFather’s Day?

Please contact me through the usual second-factor back-channels to ensure that everything is—as GitHub status tweets casually and confidently repeat—operating normally.

Until then I’m afraid the link will remain unapologetically and skeptically :not(:visited).

Kind domain shards,

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  1. Joseph Farruggio


    This is incredible.

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