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imaging-heap, Measuring Responsive Image Efficiency

March 21, 2018

From deep in the archives (2 years late!), filed under β€œthings I built but never posted on my web site”:

A command line tool to measure the efficiency of your responsive image markup across viewport sizes and device pixel ratios.

Works out-of-the-box with img (of course), img[srcset], img[srcset][sizes], picture, picture[srcset], picture[srcset][sizes]. Ignores *.svg files. No support for background images yet.

  • npm install -g imaging-heap
  • e.g. imagingheap
  • View on: GitHub or npm
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Inspired by

  • Hugely inspired by the NCC Image Checker Chrome Extension (which is a great visual tool). The main difference here is that imaging-heap will collate data across viewport sizes and device pixel ratios.
  • RespImageLint a Linter Bookmarklet for Responsive Images

Sample output

β•‘          β”‚ Image    β”‚ @1x   β”‚ @1x        β”‚ @2x    β”‚ @2x        β”‚ @3x    β”‚ @3x        β•‘
β•‘          β”‚ Width in β”‚ Image β”‚ Percentage β”‚ Image  β”‚ Percentage β”‚ Image  β”‚ Percentage β•‘
β•‘ Viewport β”‚ Layout   β”‚ Width β”‚ Match      β”‚ Width  β”‚ Match      β”‚ Width  β”‚ Match      β•‘
β•‘ 320px    β”‚ 161px    β”‚ 301px β”‚ 187.0%     β”‚ 301px  β”‚ 93.5%      β”‚ 601px  β”‚ 125.2%     β•‘
β•‘ 480px    β”‚ 241px    β”‚ 301px β”‚ 124.9%     β”‚ 601px  β”‚ 125.2%     β”‚ 601px  β”‚ 83.5%      β•‘
β•‘ 640px    β”‚ 321px    β”‚ 601px β”‚ 187.2%     β”‚ 601px  β”‚ 93.6%      β”‚ 901px  β”‚ 93.9%      β•‘
β•‘ 800px    β”‚ 401px    β”‚ 601px β”‚ 149.9%     β”‚ 901px  β”‚ 112.6%     β”‚ 1201px β”‚ 100.1%     β•‘
β•‘ 960px    β”‚ 480px    β”‚ 600px β”‚ 125.0%     β”‚ 900px  β”‚ 93.8%      β”‚ 1200px β”‚ 83.3%      β•‘
β•‘ 1120px   β”‚ 560px    β”‚ 600px β”‚ 107.1%     β”‚ 1200px β”‚ 107.1%     β”‚ 1200px β”‚ 71.4%      β•‘
β•‘ 1280px   β”‚ 640px    β”‚ 900px β”‚ 140.6%     β”‚ 1200px β”‚ 93.8%      β”‚ 1200px β”‚ 62.5%      β•‘
Zach’s ugly mug (his face)

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