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I added Lighthouse Scores to my Site’s Footer and You Can Too

July 12, 2020 #5 Popular

Speedlify started with a very simple goal: make it easy to continuously check a site’s performance. As my friend Scott Jehl has said, “it can be easier to make a site fast than to keep it that way.” And as a performance advocate, I feel that it’s important to keep myself honest and to have some transparency behind the sites I build.

In that vein, I decided to experiment with publishing Lighthouse scores of some of the pages on my personal web site onto the actual pages themselves. This does have a small performance cost associated with it, but eventually I hope to optimize it away when my personal site has a bit better Jamstack architecture behind it.

Fetching the Lighthouse Score #

If you don’t care how this works and just want to set it up—skip to the next section!

Obviously the costliest and most resource intensive piece of adding this feature to my site would be running the Lighthouse tests. I certainly wouldn’t want to run these on every page visit. Luckily Speedlify handles this for me—it’s already testing a bunch of pages on my site and it’s set up to only run once a day. All I needed to do was to add a static API, which is just a fancy way of saying that I used Eleventy to generate a bunch of static JSON files in an /api/ directory.

There are two API pieces here:

Speedlify tests once a day. I do not deploy my personal site every day (don’t tell my employer but my personal site is not yet on Netlify 😭—I wish it were but haven’t migrated it yet). This is a problem (for multiple reasons), right? If I consume the API data when I deploy my personal web site the results would be stale when Speedlify runs the next day! To workaround this temporary limitation I decided to use the Fetch API to grab the data client-side using JavaScript.

This is marginally okay as the widget is hidden at the very bottom of the page in the footer. But when I migrate my personal site to Netlify, this won’t be necessary. Ideally I would add a webhook in Speedlify to re-build my personal site every time the results change and delete that client-side JavaScript altogether. Yet another shining example of how a Jamstack architecture can improve front-end performance by making a chunk of clientside JavaScript no longer necessary.

Adding this to your Eleventy site! #

I’ve hopefully streamlined the setup here enough that you can use this up for your own site too (if you’re already using Eleventy). Three steps here:

  1. Run your own Speedlify instance. You can learn more at the GitHub repository or just click this button
    • Modify the files in Speedlify’s _data/sites/*.js folder with your own URLs!
  2. Consume the Speedlify API data files—they are generated automatically with your Speedlify instance.
    • Use Eleventy’s Cache Assets plugin
      npm install @11ty/eleventy-cache-assets --save-dev
    • Copy and paste the small speedlify.js Eleventy global data file to your global data directory. This tells us which URLs are speed tested in Speedlify. Change the URL in speedlify.js to point to your /api/urls.json file. Mine is
  3. Use the <speedlify-score> Web Component. (These instructions were updated July 17, 2020)
    • npm install speedlify-score
    • Add the speedlify-score.js JavaScript and the speedlify-score.css CSS to your page.
    • Add the <speedlify-score> markup to your page where you want the score to show up. I’d recommend putting it in the footer of your page.
    • Use the speedlify.js Eleventy global data file we added earlier to set the hash attribute. Have a look at my footer.html to see how I did it using Liquid templates (only lines 16 through 19).
    • Also set the speedlify-url attribute to point to your Speedlify instance. Mine is

Go forth and speed test! #

Hope you were able to stumble through those instructions okay—I would love to see examples of this in the wild if you do get it working. Please send them my way!

Zach’s ugly mug (his face)

Zach is a builder for the web with Netlify. He’s currently fixated on web fonts and static site generators. His public speaking résumé includes talks in eight different countries at events like Beyond Tellerrand, Smashing Conference, CSSConf, and The White House. He is an emeritus of Filament Group, NEJS CONF, and still helps out with NebraskaJS. Read more about Zach »

The Lighthouse Scores Will Continue Until Morale Improves
Use Speedlify to Continuously Measure Site Performance


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    I probably won’t implement that but the code is open source!

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    Cool. I’m going to give it a whirl. It would be cool if you could set thresholds for metrics and get a notification if the metric diffs fell outside of it.

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  8. Zach Leatherman

    Zach Leatherman @zachleat #

    Yes it can monitor any URL! No it does not need to be hosted on Netlify! (Disclosure I work for Netify)

  9. Mikie Etlinger

    Mikie Etlinger @Elkingtonne #

    @zachleat this is awesome. I’m curious to know if Speedlify can monitor sites outside of Netlify. Does it have to be hosted and monitor sites on Netlify?

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    Yes I talk about this in the post 😅

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    Did adding Lighthouse Scores affect your Lighthouse Scores

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    Now just add the css3 and html5 logos to your footer too.

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      I added Lighthouse scores to the footer of and it looks great! Instructions by @zachleat are straightforward and provide everything you need to get your own Speedlify instance running. Go checkout the blog post:…

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      I love the idea of Speedifly. Yrs ago, I remember tweeting that WP theme authors should sell their themes w/ Perf scores. You then had an idea of what you were getting into ~ like a restaurant’s posted grade at the front door. @zachleat did the same! 👏🏾… Truncated

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      I added Lighthouse Scores to my Site’s Footer and You Can Too—…

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