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Week Notes №3 ending 14 Jun 2019

This is a note written on June 14, 2019. It is short. It is terse. In total I’ve written 8 notes. Subscribe to the Notes RSS feed.

Monday June 10 #

Tuesday June 11 #

  • I finally got a little bit of time to play with Nuxt. I’m becoming a big fan of Vue and it works great but goodness Nuxt loads a fair bit of JavaScript for the Hello World demo.
  • I switched my site to use brotli instead of zopfli compression. I’d take a wild guess that it’s about 10% better? Here’s how I did it.
  • Update: Remy Sharp removed Disqus from his site and blogged about it in Ejecting Disqus. He replaced it with Commento.

Wednesday June 12 #

  • I found an XSS problem in my webmentions. I needed to adjust my use of sanitize-html in my build to make sure that it was escaping all of the webmention output. Max Boeck updated his eleventy-webmentions project with this fix as well. (via Twitter)

Thursday June 13 #

Friday June 14 #

Zach’s ugly mug (his face)

Zach is a builder for the web with Netlify. He’s currently fixated on web fonts and static site generators. His public speaking résumé includes talks in eight different countries at events like Beyond Tellerrand, Smashing Conference, CSSConf, and The White House. He is an emeritus of Filament Group, NEJS CONF, and still helps out with NebraskaJS. Read more about Zach »

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    I like the idea of these week notes things folks are doing. I should also start. Next week. (He says repeatedly each week.)