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12 Mar 2007 Zach Leatherman

In today’s Web 2.0 world of ultimate abstraction, you don’t need to be bothered with the rudimentary low level programming functions of everyday languages. Client Side implementation of JavaScript functions across the browser landscape is unreliable at best, so why should you trust it for anything? So using forward thinking and futureproof compatibility design, naturally we will turn to the next great phase of web’s evolutionary growth, the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Using SOAP envelopes to package our function calls, I will now demo what is certainly to be the future of web development, and maybe, all programming endeavors. I call it: OMG SOA.


Are you programming a for loop? How do you know that the client will increment your integers through the loop correctly? That’s why you need to call our Incrementer Web Service to increment your loop counter.

Sample Service Calls:

Are you programming an array that needs to be magically combined into a string? Do you think you can reliably count on Internet Explorer to perform the function in the same way as your Firefox’s, or your Opera’s, or even your (God Forbid) Safari’s??? No, dare I say it, no.

But don’t fear. We are here to comfort your pain, with a shot in the arm of standarditity. Welcome the String Concatenation Web Service.

Sample Service Call:

And finally, are you feeling lost in this sea of amorphous web technologies mixing and mashing together to form the gelatinous blob of money and media whores we know as Web 2.0? Don’t worry, OMG SOA is here for you again to solve all of your identity crisis problems. Ask our Are you Web 2.0 Web Service with your URL and the magic 8 ball service will answer your question.

Sample Service Call:

Update: apparently there is already a company called the Object Management Group with a website about SOA. Whoops?