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Zach Leatherman

A Hypocrite’s Guide to Public Speaking

September 06, 2015 Watch in 17 minutes

Speaking at Barcamp in Omaha has turned into something of a tradition for me. Even though we’ve been busy with a new baby and getting our house ready to sell, I made the foolhardy decision to keep the tradition alive this year.

I love Barcamp because there is a palpable, scrappy energy to the unconference format, and you can experiment with things you wouldn’t do at a more traditional conference. In that vein, I decided to take a risk—instead of giving a normal talk with normal slides and normal speaking, I thought that it would be fun to experiment in something that was almost performance art.

I crafted a presentation about public speaking in which I didn't say a single word aloud. In fact, I purposefully did the opposite of many of the best practices I knew about public speaking, including but not limited to the 10 tips outlined in the talk. Thus, the title "A Hypocrite’s Guide to Public Speaking."

The web-based presentation tool I used was created explicitly for this talk (you may recognize BigText) and it allowed me to do a few special things (break the rules) in a way that would have been much more difficult with traditional presentation software like Apple’s Keynote. I don't think I'll give away any more than that, have a look at the video below.

Barcamp Omaha 2015 — Zach Leatherman on A Hypocrite’s Guide to Public Speaking.

There is an additional separate video that contains the Q&A from the talk. Sorry—some of the questions may be inaudible.

Zach’s ugly mug (his face)

Zach is a builder for the web at IndieWeb Avatar for He created IndieWeb Avatar for https://www.11ty.devEleventy (11ty), an award-winning open source site generator. At one point he became entirely too fixated on web fonts. He has given 69 talks in nine different countries at events like Jamstack Conf, Beyond Tellerrand, Smashing Conference, CSSConf, and The White House. Formerly part of Netlify, Filament Group, NEJS CONF, and NebraskaJS. Read more about Zach »

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  1. Sara Soueidan


    Thank you, Zach <3

  2. Ryan No Seriously Wear a Mask Boone


    That is pretty freaking amazing, and inspirational to a noob speaker like myself.

  3. Zach Leatherman


    Well, dang, thanks again. 😊

  4. chantastic is trying real hard to stay away


    sooooo good. imma watch it again

  5. Zach Leatherman


    aw YISs—wAit Lemme MOnETizE It FIrSt

  6. chantastic is trying real hard to stay away


    put this on your onlyfans for me

  7. Zach Leatherman


    booting up this old macbook pro is basically an onlyfans AMIRITE ha ha we have fun

  8. chantastic is trying real hard to stay away


    😂 😂 😂

  9. ༼ ◕_◕ ༽


    I'm your biggest fan.

  1. Alessandra Pereyra Disqus

    11 Sep 2015
    I'd love to have access to that custom built presentation tool. And would pay for it as well :)

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