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Zach Leatherman

Performance and Responsive Web Design (2013)

May 17, 2013 Watch in 61 minutes

Updated: There is a newer version of this presentation available.

The presentation was originally given to NebraskaJS in November of 2012. Unfortunately due to my own technical ineptitude with screen recording software I wasn’t able to publish the talk. So when I was asked to present on the topic again at the Omaha Mobile Group, I thought it would be a good opportunity to update the talk and get a second chance at recording it in front of an audience.


View the Slide Deck (April 2013)


  • 0:00 Title and Personal Background
  • 3:04 Responsive Web Design Primer
  • 5:24 The Web has Responsive Roots
  • 6:24 Alternatives to RWD
    • Do nothing
    • Create separate mdot site
  • 14:44 Common RWD Performance Problems
    • 16:03 Blocking JavaScript
    • 18:27 Blocking CSS
    • 30:07 Images
      • 31:11 Manipulating Images with CSS
      • 36:47 Responsive Images (in HTML)
  • RWD Buzzkills
    • 45:40 Advertising
    • 46:47 Social Networking Widgets
  • 50:23 RWD Showcase Showdown
  • 54:21 Conclusion
  • Questions (Some really great discussion here)
    • 56:19 How do Data URIs impact the critical path?
    • 57:43 The difference between Responsive and Adaptive?
    • 58:18 Do you have to start from scratch with RWD?
    • 59:39 How would Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia implement RWD?

(Side note: I wish there was an equivalent to TimeJump for YouTube embeds)

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