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spider-pig Searches for Nodes that match a CSS Selector

January 18, 2018

spider-pig is a command line utility that takes a URL and retrieves all the local URL links on the page. It can also search for a CSS selector on each local URL to measure the impact of a CSS change.

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Get a list of local URL links from a root URL. Works with JavaScript generated content.

<a href="test.html">Test</a><!-- match -->
<a href="test2.html">Test</a><!-- match -->
<a href="test2.html">Duplicate Test</a><!-- do not match -->
<a href="root.html">URL to self</a><!-- match -->
<a href="">Email link</a><!-- do not match -->
<a href="">External</a><!-- do not match -->

Can also act as a live-DOM CSS search across multiple files (find all the templates that are using the CSS selector I want to change). If I’m worried about changing code in a CSS selector, I’ll use this tool to search for instances of the selector across my project.

spider-pig on the command line