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Tablesaw: A Flexible Tool for Responsive Tables

06 Aug 2014 Zach Leatherman

Originally posted as Tablesaw: A Flexible Tool for Responsive Tables on the Filament Group Lab.

Next to coming up with project names, managing tables in a responsive layout is one of the trickiest problems in web development. Semantically structured tables are notoriously difficult to style as anything other than… well… a table. On the other hand, cobbling together a pile of divs and spans into a table-like shape means giving up the semantic meaning, accessibility, and navigability of real table elements to represent tabular data, or it means jumping through hoops to recreate those features. When it comes down to it, the semantic benefits of real table elements make them our first and best choice.

Available on GitHub


Install using NPM

npm install tablesaw

Install using Bower

bower install filament-tablesaw