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The Perfect GIF

09 Sep 2014 Zach Leatherman
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Last year at Barcamp Omaha, I did a tongue-in-cheek talk on Impostor Syndrome. This year, I was floundering on picking a topic for Barcamp—until Derek Eskens suggested I do a talk on GIFs. With only two days to prepare, I think it turned out fairly well.

In the talk I discuss: pronunciation, GIF sources, how to create your own GIFs, and GIF search and workflow. If you listen closely, you can hear the audience (playfully) boo when I finally pronounce GIF for the first time in the talk.

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I did not post slides for this talk, given the loss in fidelity with an unanimated deck. But I’ve included below the list of referenced resources.



  • LICEcap to create GIFs
  • gifwit to catalog/search GIFs
  • HoverZoom for easy inline previews of animated GIFs (not mentioned in the talk, but still worth including).

Animated GIFs used (in order of appearance)


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Ha ha... can't say I agree about the pronunciation of "gif", but great talk :)

I realise you don't use Android but for anyone that's interested, I created an app for my gif workflow:

Gifsicle is a killer tool for fine tuning timing on gifs and optimizing them too -

And, of course, I have to plug and

gifmebro is amazing! Can it do a variable length gif?

It's just a dumb little thing. Would be totally possible to configure it up. I'll put the code on jithub.

It's pretty hairy in there, I didn't clean it up much before putting it up.