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The Perfect GIF

September 09, 2014 Watch in 12 minutes 🇺🇸 USA

Last year at Barcamp Omaha, I did a tongue-in-cheek talk on Impostor Syndrome. This year, I was floundering on picking a topic for Barcamp—until Derek Eskens suggested I do a talk on GIFs. With only two days to prepare, I think it turned out fairly well.

In the talk I discuss: pronunciation, GIF sources, how to create your own GIFs, and GIF search and workflow. If you listen closely, you can hear the audience (playfully) boo when I finally pronounce GIF for the first time in the talk.

Watch on YouTube: The Perfect GIF

Watch on YouTube

I did not post slides for this talk, given the loss in fidelity with an unanimated deck. But I’ve included below the list of referenced resources.



  • LICEcap to create GIFs
  • gifwit to catalog/search GIFs
  • HoverZoom for easy inline previews of animated GIFs (not mentioned in the talk, but still worth including).

Animated GIFs used (in order of appearance)

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Better @font-face with Font Load Events on Dev.Opera
Older >
W3C Status Banners

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  1. remybach Disqus

    10 Sep 2014
    Ha ha... can't say I agree about the pronunciation of "gif", but great talk :)I realise you don't use Android but for anyone that's interested, I created an app for my gif workflow:
  2. jmhobbs Disqus

    10 Sep 2014
    Gifsicle is a killer tool for fine tuning timing on gifs and optimizing them too -, of course, I have to plug and
    1. zachleat Disqus

      10 Sep 2014
      gifmebro is amazing! Can it do a variable length gif?
      1. jmhobbs Disqus

        10 Sep 2014
        It'S jUSt A dumB LiTTle THInG. WoULD BE ToTalLY pOSSIBle TO cONFiGurE it UP. i'Ll PuT the CoDe oN jitHub.
      2. jmhobbs Disqus

        10 Sep 2014
        1. jmhobbs Disqus

          10 Sep 2014
          It's pretty hairy in there, I didn't clean it up much before putting it up.
        2. zachleat Disqus

          11 Sep 2014
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