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February 20, 2024

<webcare-webshare> is a web component that uses the Web Share API to share a web site, falling back (on desktop usually) to a copy to clipboard workflow.

Used on the registration flow for


  • Defaults to copy URL when Web Share API is not available.
  • Optionally override with your own copy-able content.
  • Custom button text when Web Share API is not available.


You can install via npm (@zachleat/webcare-webshare) or download the webcare-webshare.js JavaScript file manually.

npm install @zachleat/webcare-webshare --save

Add webcare-webshare.js to your site’s JavaScript assets.


Use share-text and share-url per the Web Share API. The button is un-disabled when initialized.

<webcare-webshare share-text="I am going to the 11ty Conference! #11ty #11tyConf" share-url="">
	<button disabled>Share your ticket!</button>

Custom button text

Copy to clipboard workflow only. Use the label-copy (Before) and label-after-copy (After) attributes.

<webcare-webshare share-text="I am going to the 11ty Conference! #11ty #11tyConf" share-url="" label-copy="📋 Copy your ticket URL" label-after-copy="✅ Copied to Clipboard">
	<button disabled>Share your ticket!</button>

Set custom share content

Copy to clipboard workflow only. Use copy-text to override share-url as the default content that is copied when using Copy to Clipboard.

<webcare-webshare share-text="I am going to the 11ty Conference! #11ty #11tyConf" share-url="" copy-text="Go to">
	<button disabled>Share your ticket!</button>

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  1. Ben Myers ????

    Ben Myers ????

    @zachleat Gotta say, I love that you've set this up so users can supply all of their own strings. It makes this very #i18n friendly! i18n

  2. Zach Leatherman :verify:

    Zach Leatherman :verify:

    @ben Thanks Ben!

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