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ALARMd is now on Github

21 Jul 2010 Zach Leatherman

In an effort to mindlessly copy what everyone else on the internet is doing keep current on the latest and greatest Source Code Management tools, I decided that it would be good practice to move my open source project ALARMd (as seen on Lifehacker) from Google Code to Github.

Feel free to fork/contribute at your leisure.

If you’re new, you can check out to see what I’m talking about.


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I'm getting a weird bug on where my usual timer (21 minutes) is showing 2 years, and all other alarms are similarly messing up. Started a couple weeks ago or so?

Zach Leatherman

18 Sep 2010 at 03:29AM

I just updated the online version to use date.js.

However, it was using an old version. I've updated to the latest and it looks like it's working. Let me know if you still see problems.

Oh, I see what I was doing wrong; I used to be able to use +#m for minutes, but now that works as months. Similarly, +#s just seems to fail, but +#h works for hours. Works fine if I spell it out or use other abbreviations (e.g., +1min). This is different from before, as you can see of the alt tag when you hover over "Single Easy Alarm", might want to change it if the problem occurs for anyone else?

Thanks for the program, btw, I love it and use it constantly!

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