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April 18, 2020

When I applied to work at Netlify, I put in a little work to update my dusty old résumé. It’s considered best practice to continually update your résumé, but who does that?? I’ve since discovered that my résumé can do some of this work for me and keep itself updated with a little help from the Jamstack, pulling in data from my blog and other data sources from around the web.

This post was inspired by a few other résumé helpers I found floating around the web past week:

Have a gander at the ol’ résumé

Fed by blog data

Public Speaker in eight different countries: 15 conferences, 13 meetups, seven barcamps, 12 podcasts, and one University guest lecture.

197 posts since February 2007, 57 entries on Web Fonts.

The above statements are generated by blog posts and metadata from post front matter. By meticulously tagging posts on my blog with this metadata, it can generate how many conferences and meetups I’ve done. For example, here’s the relevant front matter from a Smashing Conference in Barcelona:

type: conference
country: Spain

Fed by social media

Twitter avatars are fetched for people, companies, and organizations for some nice visuals. These are cached in the build for four weeks before a new one is requested. Counts from social media networks are also updated from the build.

1,530 members and growing, 50+ speakers, 90+ events.

The number of members in NebraskaJS are fetched dynamically from Meetup.

Eleventy (☆ 5,024)

GitHub star counts for projects I’ve worked on are injected from real data.

@eleven_ty (4,218 followers)

Twitter follower counts are also retrieved and updated by the build.

Update your résumé for the last time (not really)

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to automate some of your résumé content so that you don’t have to keep it updated manually! As always, it’s important not to automate too much or it’ll appear robotic—but knowing what to automate and what to keep manual is part of the magic.

Zach’s ugly mug (his face)

Zach is a builder for the web. He created IndieWeb Avatar for https://www.11ty.devEleventy (11ty), an award-winning open source site generator now full-time sponsored by IndieWeb Avatar for https://www.netlify.comNetlify. At one point he became entirely too fixated on web fonts. He has given 63 talks in eight different countries at events like Jamstack Conf, Beyond Tellerrand, Smashing Conference, CSSConf, and The White House. Formerly part of Filament Group, NEJS CONF, and NebraskaJS. Read more about Zach »

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  1. 🔥 Josh Branchaud 🕺🏼


    Toilet paper emojis and diacritics, what a tweet!

  2. Zach Leatherman


    I have spent many hours refining my personal brand

  3. André Jaenisch


    Inspired by @mxbck ?

  4. Zach Leatherman


    Uh oh someone didn't read the post 😅

  5. André Jaenisch


    As usual. My timeline is quite full of „read it later“ links aka. retweets. Favs got repurposed on Twitter :-/

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