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This web blog is written by Zach Leatherman.

Zach is a Front End Engineer / Web Developer with Filament Group. He has given talks at Smashing Conference, O’Reilly Velocity, CSSConf, and The White House. He also herds NebraskaJS (a JavaScript meetup) and its eponymously named NebraskaJS Conference.

The views expressed on this website do not necessarily represent the views of his employer.

On the web there is often more than one way to solve problems of code and usability. It isn’t sufficient to simply find a solution, you must discover the solution that balances often conflicting goals of accessibility, device independence, performance, usability, aesthetics, and future compatibility.

You can find him on the following services, but not all simultaneously and certainly not frequently.





Zach trusts his spam filters. He’s had his e-mail in plaintext here since he started this website, so that you have an easy way to contact him. Feel free to do so, at your leisure.

This entry, like Mr. Leatherman himself, is a work in progress.

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This web site was started in 2007 and was originally titled Web 3.0, 6 Bladed Razors, and 7 Minute Abs.