zachleat’s Ugly Mug

Zach Leatherman


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  2. 2017
  3. FOIT vs. FOUT, a Side by Side Comparison Web FontsProject🔥 #8 Oct 2017
  4. Selecthor: A Better way to Learn and Demo CSS Selectors Project Apr 2017
  5. Randsom: A Random Web Fonts Ransom Note Project Apr 2017
  6. Bernie Tweets Project Mar 2017
  7. 2015
  8. The Infinity Hamburger Menu Project🔥 #20 Dec 2015
  9. 2014
  10. WOFF2 See the Wizard, a Wonderful JavaScript Feature Test Web FontsProject Oct 2014
  11. A Font Family Reunion Web FontsProjectHighlight Sep 2014
  12. W3C Status Banners Project Aug 2014
  13. Tablesaw: A Flexible Tool for Responsive Tables ProjectHighlight Aug 2014
  14. Politespace, an unobtrusive alternative to input masks Project Apr 2014
  15. Bulletproof Accessible Icon Fonts Web FontsProjectResearchHighlight Jan 2014
  16. 2013
  17. Domain Swap: A Google Chrome Extension Project Dec 2013
  18. Project Jun 2013

    A tool to find your noisiest Twitter friends.

  19. 2012
  20. SocialCount, Faster & Lighter Social Networking Widgets ProjectHighlight Nov 2012
  21. A Front End Engineer’s Manifesto ProjectHighlight Sep 2012

    Guidelines I use when looking at the big picture as a Front End Web Developer.

  22. parseIntimate Project Feb 2012

    A Valentine’s Day website to spend a little quality time with JavaScript and it’s quirky parseInt function. Don’t be afraid to get parseIntimate.

  23. 2011
  24. FitText + BigText: A Tale of Two Plugins Web FontsProject🔥 #16Highlight May 2011
  25. Raging Netflix Queue, a Google Chrome Extension Project Feb 2011

    This Google Chrome extension will recognize movie web sites and one click on the extension will automatically add that title to your queue.

  26. BigText Web FontsProject🔥 #3Highlight Jan 2011

    The BigText jQuery plugin takes a single element and sizes the text inside of its child block elements to fit the width of the parent element.

  27. 2010
  28. Maiden Voyage of the DOM Sailbloat Project Jul 2010
  29. 2009
  30. jQuery.gravatar Project Jan 2009

    Retrieve a gravatar image dynamically from any e-mail address.

  31. 2008
  32. Fight Registrastination. Register to vote! Project Sep 2008
  33. ALARMd 2 ProjectHighlight Apr 2008

    An online alarm clock that wakes you up to YouTube, Pandora, MP3 or other multimedia source. Featuring integration with Google Calendar.

  34. Yet Another Pretty Date JavaScript ProjectHighlight Mar 2008

    JavaScript to show the relative difference between a time and now.

  35. PHP Pretty Date Project Feb 2008

    PHP script to show the relative difference between a time and now.

  36. 2007
  37. enterval, an automatic setInterval chainer. Project Dec 2007
  38. Write More Efficient Javascript in YUI with CSS Selectors Project Sep 2007
  39. maLArquee Project Aug 2007

    A strange project creating a marquee.

  40. DOMDom, easy DOM Element Creation Project Jul 2007
  41. ALARMd ProjectHighlight Jun 2007

    First iteration of the alarm clock that plays YouTube videos or other multimedia sources. Updated to ALARMd 2.

  42. JavaScript Code Coverage Tool for Firebug Project Apr 2007
  43. Logical XOR in JavaScript Project Mar 2007
  44. Retired
  45. Retired Projects